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Halloween Honk and Wave

There's only one way to vote: Jared Polis

Jared and I use to play high school in baseball. While I was stuck on the JV team, Jared was playing first base and pitcher for the varsity club. Jared’s a lifelong baseball fan, so for the Halloween Honk and Wave this morning, he donned his baseball uniform and grabbed his glove (from high school no less!). We went to two locations, both prime intersections with lots of commuters. Staffers and volunteers for his campaign were there to honk and wave to the driving, biking, and walking commuters.

From what I’ve learned, the hectic part of this campaign was the Primary. Jared’s victory against several other Democrats was hard-fought and well-deserved. The polls for the general election are very positive for Jared, so things are much calmer now than they were a couple of months ago.

Click the link below to see photos from the honk and wave!

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Cannon Mine Coffee House in Lafayette

Jared at the Cannon Mine Coffee House in Lafayette, Colorado

The Jared Polis train continues to run. This evening, he attended another meet the constituents session at the Cannon Mine Coffee House in Lafayette, Colorado. There were over a dozen prospective constituents present at the meeting and they had their share of questions, including those on the feasibility of a single payer healthcare system in CO, a plan for getting out of and stabilizing Iraq, and the successor to the No Child Left Behind educational program.

Click on the link below to view the images.

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Gilpin County Rotary Club

Jared at the Gilpin County Rotary Club

This afternoon, we left the comfortable confines of Denver to drive up into the mountains of Gilpin County. The district that Jared is running in is quite large and covers major metropolitan areas, college towns like Boulder, and less heavily developed areas like Gilpin.

The Gilpin County Rotary Club met today inside the Fortune Valley Casino. I didn’t realize that some parts of Colorado have legalized gambling; there were a number of establishments all along Main Street in Central City.

When I was in elementary school, I participated in a four-way speech contest at my local Rotary Club. My speech was title, “Smoking: The Clouding of the Nation” and I actually won the contest! I have a photo of little Adam holding a trophy with one of the Rotary Club Members; I’ll have to dig that up and post it to accompany this article.

The people in the meeting have some good questions for Jared about the economy and healthcare. And, as always, it was great to hear Jared’s responses, which were complex and full of nuances. The answers to political questions are not always black and white, red or blue. I’ve never been really active in local or national politics, though I do have experience with my fair share of Silicon Valley protests and politics. Maybe one day, after I’ve achieved other goals in my life, I’ll join Jared on the national scene! After all, I’ve got to leave all options on the table!

Click here to see the photos from the event!

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Jared at the Wagon Road Park N Ride in Westminster, Colorado

This morning, Jared Polis greeted commuters and voters at the Wagon Road Park N Ride in Westminster, Colorado. As the commuters lined up to take the bus, Jared introduced himself to each one individually. Many of the people had already sent in their mail-in ballots, and a number of them mentioned to Jared that they had voted for him.

Click on the link below to view the images!

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Jared Polis at the Atlanta Bread Company

Jared Polis for Congress

The evening after we arrived in Denver, Colorado, Rae and I attended a meeting with Jared Polis at the Atlanta Bread Company restaurant in Northglenn. As I wrote in my previous entry, Jared is running for Congress this year. We’ve known each other since middle school in San Diego, and I’ve always known that he would one day be running for political office. So, I’m fortunate that I have the opportunity to accompany him during the final week of his Congressional campaign.

Here are some photos from tonight’s events. More to come as we march towards November 4, 2008!

Click on the link below to see the images!

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Rough Cut and Denver

On the eve of our trip to Denver, Colorado to photograph Jared Polis’ Congressional campaign, Rae and I completed our rough cut of The Qiu Jin Project: Autumn Gem. Head on over to the documentary web site to read about my struggle with Final Cut Pro and exporting the video to DVD.

Now, it’s time to cram and pack for the flight to Denver at 7:15 am this morning. I have to figure out what equipment I’ll be bringing with me. Two 1D bodies or a 1D and a Digital Rebel? Those 1D bodies are really heavy; the 5D Mark II can’t get released soon enough!

I’m looking forward to the trip, as I’ll have the opportunity to visit a number of old friends.


Low-Key Hillclimbs 2008 #3: Quimby Road

Low-Key Hillclimbs: Quimby Road

When last I climbed up Quimby Road in San Jose, it was during training for the 2007 Death Ride. A very difficult climb it was, with 18% switchbacks! And, we still had yet to do Mt. Hamilton that day!

Today, the Low-Key Hillclimbers went up Quimby Road for race #3. I had missed last week’s climb up West Alpine because I was in San Diego for David and Audrey’s wedding. For Quimby, I had signed up to be a volunteer, as once up Quimby is enough for me!

I armed myself with my cameras and shot photos of the riders as they climbed up Quimby. Thanks to Christine’s nimble driving up the narrow roads, I was able to get some good photos of the action in the front. I wonder if I had a hybrid hub like one of the Week One riders if I could keep up with Tim, Clark, and the other top finishers. Somehow, I think I would still need a little more power to keep up with the big boys and girls!

Christine and I drove up to the top, where we waited for the cyclists to come to us. Similar to the finish at Mt. Diablo, I waited patiently in the same position, letting the cyclist come into my photographing firing zone. I’m pretty happy with the shots… out of 811 photos, I have posted 263 onto my SmugMug gallery for Quimby, a 32% hit rate. That’s out par for the course with regards to sports shooting.

Christine was protecting this cute tarantula which was trying to cross the street over and over again. We were afraid a car or cyclist would end its life! That tarantula really need to watch where it was going!

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MsgFiler versus Mail Act-On 2.0

Mail Act-On 2 was released today, and it includes some features very familiar to MsgFiler owners.

Move/Copy Messages to Mailboxes
Mail Act-On 2’s powerful interface includes the ability to move or copy messages to any folders by keystroke, even if you don’t have an Act-On rule for a particular mailbox. Just bring up the appropriate Mailbox Menu, autocomplete the mailbox you want and hit the return key to move.

Mail Act-On 2 will remember your recent destinations so you have even quicker access those mailboxes you use frequently. Recent mailboxes can be accessed with the number keys for quick work.

Competition is good, and I applaud Scott Morrison’s work on this new release, as it certainly is a more powerful tool than the previous version of Mail Act-On. I want to point out some differences between the two applications for existing users and prospective buyers:

  • Focus: MsgFiler is focused on one task and that’s quickly filing your messages. Future development of MsgFiler will always be focused to this end.
  • Speed: MsgFiler users have come to appreciate the fast searching capabilities of MsgFiler. Wildcard searching makes filing messages within deep, nested mailboxes a breeze.
  • Cost: MsgFiler is $8 versus $19.95-24.95 for Mail Act-On 2. If all you need is to quickly file your messages, MsgFiler is more affordable.

One of the difficulties of being involved with so many projects is finding adequate time to devote to all of them. Between my support for my existing consulting clients, work on my documentary film, and my forays into iPhone development, I often find it difficult to allocate the necessary time for older software projects like MsgFiler. For me, MsgFiler is focused and works great. For customers who want more of a kitchen-sink approach to Apple Mail organization, now there’s an additional option with Mail Act-On 2.


Audrey and David Wedding

Country Day alums at David and Audrey's wedding in La Jolla

Went down to San Diego this past weekend to attend David and Audrey’s wedding in La Jolla. Dave and I go way, way back to middle school. Also in attendance from our alma mater were Dani, Jordanna, and Jared. I’m thinking of heading out to Denver in a couple of weeks to photograph the final week of Jared’s congressional run. A number of my friends and family have moved from the West Coast to Colorado in recent years: Rod, Alex, and May and Salim.

The pro photographers shooting the wedding were equipped with Canon 5Ds of the Mark I variety. I wonder how many photogs are going to be upgrading to the Mark II when it ships next month. I’m itching to get one primarily for two reasons: the small size compared to my 1D-bodies and the 1080p video capture capability. Mona Brooks mentioned at the COBA meeting this month that carrying her 5D and 20D were too much at the DNC last month; after carrying two 1D-bodies through several weddings, my arm felt like it was going to fall off! I’m going to enjoy lightening the load with the 5D Mark II.

Click the link below to view photos from the wedding!

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About FireWire on the new MacBook and MacBook Pro

Well, the new MacBooks and MacBook Pros were announced today. I hate to sound like a boo-bird because there are many things to like about this latest iteration: the unibody, DisplayPort across the entire line (including the MacBook Air), better graphics chipset, easier hard drive replacement, and the larger, all-glass trackpad. Positives aside, however, there are a few things that really, really blow:

  • Glossy screen: As a creative professional, reflections are very bad. Glossy screens are a reflection magnet, which makes accurate color judgments difficult. Please bring back a matte option!
  • FireWire 800 only on MacBook Pro. No FireWire at all on MacBook: At least the MBP has a FireWire port, but the lack of one on the MacBook is truly horrible. I wouldn’t be able to import footage from my video camera nor can I get super-fast downloads from my Compact Flash cards using my SanDisk Extreme IV card reader. All of my bus-powered FireWire hard drives? Useless on a new MacBook.

Old MacBook Pro with more ports than new MacBook Pro

When we went to China to work on our documentary project, I bought a MacBook Pro (just before the early-2008 models were released). My MBP has both a FireWire 800 and a FireWire 400 port, which made capturing video and photos a snap. Can’t do this today with either new MacBook Pro or MacBook.

When Apple released the original 15″ MacBook Pro, it didn’t have a FireWire 800 port (like its 17-inch sibling). They later added one. I wonder if public pressure will cause Apple to release new iterations of the MacBook and MacBook Pro with FireWire ports. Is there enough space on the port-side of the laptops to accommodate another port? Only time will tell!