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MsgFiler 2.0.3 Released!


A new version of MsgFiler has been released. Version 2.0.3 features the following improvements and bug fixes:

  • Improvement: New installer application.
  • Improvement: New, refined user interface for MsgFiler. The app no longer looks like a Palm application (shows where my background is!).
  • New Feature: Added Hide mailboxes from inactive and offline accounts feature
  • Bug fix: MsgFiler now works properly on HFS+ Case-Sensitive Disk Partitions
  • Bug fix: MsgFiler ignores mailbox directories (white folders into which you can’t file messages)

Special thanks go out to John Buckley of Olive Toast Software, who provided the new installer for MsgFiler. We can finally say goodbye to installation issues for MsgFiler!

Version 2.0.3 is a free update for all registered MsgFiler users.

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MsgFiler Rated 4 Mice on MacWorld


Dan Frakes from MacWorld reviewed MsgFiler today and gave it a 4-mice rating!

Here’s a great quote from the article:

After using MsgFiler just a few times, it becomes almost instinctive. I’ve been using a similar add-on for Microsoft Entourage for years; the lack of something like this has been one of the things keeping me from using Mail as my main email client.

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MsgFiler 2.0.2 Available


MsgFiler 2.0.2 has been released. This new update features a number of bug fixes and new functionality:

  • Copy Messages: Now you can choose between moving and copying messages to the selected mailbox.
  • Mark Messages As Read When Filing: When you move or copy messages, you can optionally mark them as read.
  • MiniMail Support: MsgFiler supports filing in the latest version of MiniMail from OliveToast.
  • Tiger Bug Fixes: The MsgFiler window now saves its size and location on Tiger. MsgFiler also files correctly when using the mouse on Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger).

MsgFiler 2.0.2 Interface

Version 2.0.2 of MsgFiler is a free update for registered users and still only US$8 for a license.

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MsgFiler 2.0 Released

MsgFiler 2.0 has been released! Fully rewritten in Cocoa, MsgFiler is fully integrated in Mac OS X Mail and is now blazingly fast at searching for mailboxes and filing your email messages.

MsgFiler 2.0 is a free update for registered users of MsgFiler 1.0. Previous owners will need to reenter their license key from MsgFiler 1.0. New MsgFiler users can purchase a license for US$8 from PayPal or Kagi. Check out the MsgFiler web page for more details.

MsgFiler interface

A big thanks to Steve, Victor, and the folks at NSCoder Night in Campbell for their Cocoa tips and guidance. This was my first real app written in Cocoa, and I couldn’t have done it without you!

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Typing and Coding Like A Monkey!

Over the past few days, I’ve felt like a monkey in front of my computer as I’ve hacked out code for the Cocoa version of MsgFiler. It’s not going to take me until infinity to get out the update — I’ve pegged the end of the year as the release date — but man, I do feel like I’m just randomly typing things out on the keyboard and hoping that the complete works of Shakespeare will magically appear!

Fortunately, I have the help of many Cocoa experts. Steve came by the house yesterday and introduced me to the joys of Cocoa bindings. Last evening, I got great advice from Victor. This morning, Ben gave me some good pointers on how to access the various windows — MessageViewer and SingleMessageViewer — in the Mail application. Finally, this evening, I went to the NSCoder Night in Campbell. The group meets every Tuesday at the Orchard Valley Coffee in downtown Campbell.

I was surprised to see so many people with laptops at the coffee shop, most of them sipping and typing away. It reminded me of the early days of the Stanford Newton User Group at a packed Printer’s Inc. in Palo Alto. These days, Printer’s like a morgue whenever I go there for SNUG and SIPUG meetings. I don’t know how much longer the cafe has left, to be honest.

I got super help tonight from Joar, who walked me through a great many things about XCode, Interface Builder, and Cocoa. Though I feel like I’m learning a lot, I know that there’s quite a ways to go before I can code effortlessly. One step at a time, of course!

The pre-release Cocoa-version of MsgFiler is shaping up to be a very nice update. Already, it’s lightyears faster than the AppleScript studio version, thanks to the fact that it’s interfacing directly with the Mail application. You can work immediately after filing a message — no more waiting until all 10 messages have been filed before you can move onto the next message. Searching is also incredibly quick… as fast as you can type, the search results will appear!

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MsgFiler Update and Leopard Tips

With the release of Leopard, I have a little work to do to get MsgFiler fully compatible. I’ve already posted revised installation instructions on the MsgFiler webpage. Users who are using the app on Leopard have probably noticed that mailboxes are showing up twice. This will be fixed in the next version, which I hope to get done before the New Year. Leopard users will also want to bind a new command-key equivalent for MsgFiler by going to System Preferences / Keyboard and Mouse / Keyboard Shortcuts.

The delay in getting this out is due to the fact that I’m rewriting the entire app in Cocoa and Objective-C. It’s probably a trivial task for someone who’s proficient in Cocoa. For me, a relative newbie to Cocoa development, it’s taking longer than I expected.

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Cocoa/Obj-C Unicode Regular Expressions

MsgFiler is primarily an AppleScript Studio application. To perform the search on mailboxes, MsgFiler calls several home-grown PHP scripts. These scripts, however, don’t handle Unicode text all that well. As a result, when users search for mailboxes with accented characters, they invariably run into problems with MsgFiler.

I’ve thrown in some custom-subclasses and functions into the MsgFiler application that I can access from within the AppleScript Studio app. My goal is to rewrite the search algorithm using Cocoa/Objective-C. I’m eager to read up some pointers on how to successfully search Unicode strings under Mac OS X. Any tips from the development community on where to start?

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MsgFiler 1.0.1 Beta 1


I have a beta release of MsgFiler ready for testing. A number of people have been using this version to resolve the -1700 blocking bug. If you are still experiencing problems after using this app, send me an email and I’ll get you a version of MsgFiler with additional logging enabled.

This release has the following fixes and improvements:

  • Fixed search problem when mailbox names with double quotes
  • Fixed -1700 bug when searching mailboxes
  • MsgFiler window receives focus properly when activated
  • Added Close Window menu option
  • MsgFiler no longer beeps when moving messages using the Return key

Things left on the to do list include:

  • Better Unicode support
  • Better compatibility with third-party mail plug-ins

You can download the latest beta release on the MsgFiler webpage.

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Initial MsgFiler Responses and Bugs

The initial response to MsgFiler has been pretty good. That said, a number of users have been encountering a couple of errors when using MsgFiler. For instance, if you’re experiencing the following error dialog:

Can’t make current application into type anything (-1700)

You’ll want to wait for the next release. People who have been sending me this error all seem to have MacBook Pros, but I think the issue is with how the mailboxes have been configured.

Another issue that’s cropped up is handling Unicode characters. I’m currently identifying the source of these problem and will get a fix out soon!

Update: Here’s a list of bugs that we’ll be resolving in the next few days:

I get this error, Can’t make current application into type anything (-1700), when I try to file a message

I think the issue is due to the way the user’s IMAP server has been configured. MsgFiler builds the list of mailboxes from the Finder directory structure (since AppleScript is so slow). For people who have their IMAP servers configured in a particular way, this causes MsgFiler to barf when searching for a mailbox. This is why some people have the problem and others do not.

I get another error when trying to search for mailboxes.

If you have a mailbox with double quotes in the name, the MsgFiler may not work entirely. We are looking into the problem

I have mailboxes with accented characters / Unicode characters that can’t be found in MsgFiler

This is another problem that we are currently looking into

MsgFiler does not load properly into Mail. I can’t see the Move with MsgFiler menu item

This may be an incompatibility with other third-party mail plug-ins. We’re looking into it!