Filming at Muwekma

I found myself at Muwekma-Tah-Ruk, the Native American Theme House at Stanford, where Po’k and his Homestead posse were filming some scenes for a short film. Javier, Randy, Bill, Tom, Casey, Ryan, and Joon-Mo were present for their kitchen scenes, where Javy, Bill, Tarun, and Ryan were tied up by the men in black. I hadn’t seen Javier since Stanford Graduation last year; he and I lived in the French House during my senior year at the Farm. Javy’s been DJ’ing at Pockets on Castro Street in Mountain View. Next time you’re there on a Saturday day, stop by to say hello to him!

With Joon-Mo as the camera man and Randy as the best kung-fu grip, all Po’k’s got to do is direct, right? If only it were that easy! Filming is a lot more than whipping out the videocamera and pushing record. Watching them set up the lights and arrange the props makes me appreciate the time and effort people put into filmmaking. Taking photographs is much easier, I’ll say!

At Muwekma, I let the hair down and put on my actor’s hat for a little bit. In the two images below, I’m playing the role of the Asian Pimp Daddy. Either that, or I’m some long-haired crazy! I think that it’s time for a little trim to even out that length.

During a break in the shooting, Randy and I went over to the Stanford Bookstore to see if anyone had purchased the Palm OS Web Application Developer’s Guide. Unfortunately, no one seems to be interested in developing wireless applications since the book was still on the store shelves! To attract more attention to it, I slid the book out from the bookcase. Maybe someone will walk by and be intrigued enough to want to read the foreword that I wrote!

After filming, most of us went to Pizz’a Chicago in Palo Alto for an early dinner. The pizza was scrumptious, but we failed to order enough for the starving film crew. Ah, there’s always the next shoot to get it right!

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