Javier’s friend Mark Ibarra is one elusive fellow. A search on Google for Mark Ybarra and Stanford as of today (October 13, 2002), yields no results. Consider him caught! The simple act of putting his picture on this web site is enough to get him indexed for all the world to see. And just like that, Mark Ybarra exists on the Internet!

On Saturday night, Rae, Susan, and her friend, John met at the Tenderloft in San Francisco’s Tenderloin district to listen to the sounds from four bands: From Monument To Masses, The Rum Diary, Len Brown Society, and The Pin-Up Motel.

The Tenderloft looked a lot like a run-down apartment complex that had been converted into a performance space. Smoke wafted through the air and alcohol was imbibed by the twenty-somethings throughout the entire night. It certainly was a different crowd than the ones that typically attend Eric’s house performances. Diversity, thy name is the Bay Area!

I ran into Ryan at the Tenderloft. I was talking with Susan and Rae when I saw him standing by the door. The last time we saw each other was at Palm, so you can imagine our collective surprise at the slight change in scenery. One of the bands’ drummers, Dan, came up to me earlier in the evening to ask some questions about my camera. It turns out that Dan and Ryan are roommates! How strange to have the only person who approached me be the link to the only person that I knew at the party?!? How many other connections lay invisible to opportunity that night?

I enjoy performance photography due to the number of challenges posed, such as lighting conditions and fast action. Equipment does count for something, but I’m getting a little tired of reading these stories of photographic craftsmen blaming their tools. Listen up people, it’s not your equipment that needs fixing!

End of rant. Here’s 17,000 more words…

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