Stanford Senior Ball

When I was a senior at Stanford, I don’t recall thinking about going to our Senior Ball. I don’t even remember where it was held! I do recall seeing Eric and his entourage on the night of the formal at the French House, but beyond that, it’s a blur.

This year, the graduating class of 2003 had their farewell formal at San Francisco’s City Hall. It was the night before the City’s famous Black and White Ball, and many of the parking spots around the area had signs warning of impending towing when the clock struck midnight. In front of City Hall, however, there were a few spots where towing would begin at 4:00 pm on Saturday afternoon. Fortunately, I found a space in one of those spots. Other people were not so lucky, and Javier had to inform people that their cars were being towed at midnight!

Given that I’ve been out of Stanford for several years now, I was surprised to recognize a few people at the event. I once drove Domi Le to a house concert at Eric’s some years back. I also saw someone from a recent photo shoot I did at the LGBT.

I was at the formal to do some photography for Javier, who was DJ’ing the event. Certainly, it was a night to remember for seniors. Everyone seemed to be having a grand old time, partying the night away. Unfortunately for them, the night ended far too soon, as the police turned on the lights at 1:00 am. Everyone was outside by 1:30 am, I figure, but I was already on the highway, heading back South towards Cupertino and the South Bay.

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