In Da Clubertino

On Friday night, the Summer of All Fears ’03 descended on the house in Cupertino. There were many reasons for celebration. Randy has recently left his job, Ann started her new job, Joon-Mo’s Korean class ended, Javier and his AQW crew are moving into a new house, Jamie’s birthday was on Friday, and I’m off to start a new Fellowship program at Stanford in the Fall. Preparations for the party began earlier in the week, as Randy and I cleaned up the house, moving non-essential equipment from the open areas to our rooms. We also notified the neighbors on our street so as to avoid any unnecessary entaglements with the authorities.

Javy and Osvaldo transformed our house into Da Clubertino with their rocking light and sound show. Randy and Joon-Mo plastered the walls with streamers, balloons, and photos of the guests of honor. I initially objected to Randy’s use of my Apache Chief photograph, but in the end, it was all good.

Among the guests who came, it was especially good to see Kevin Yee, whom I haven’t seen in several years. Kevin, Randy, and I all worked in the Teahouse at Stanford when we were in college. I had forgotten to show Kevin a copy of his unforgettable performance at the AASA Fashion Show back in 1996. Felix recently returned from France, where he competed in the Paris-Brest-Paris cycling race. Felix is the cycling animal, doing over 750 miles in three days time! This is hard for a normal person to do, but Felix is not a normal person, having completed many a 200 mile bike race in his days.

To celebrate the 70th year since prohibition was abolished, we had copious amounts of alcohol, which were imbibed and enjoyed by nearly all the participants. I had nominated myself as the Miami Vice-roy, so I made sure everyone was failing their sobriety checks but not getting out of control.

With the Summer of All Fears ’03 concluded, we now eagerly await the coming of the Legends of the Fall ’03.

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