Dia de los Mojitos

Randy and I, along with DJ’s Osvaldo, Javier, and Joon-Mo, hosted Dia de los Mojitos on Saturday, the day after Halloween. This was the last party of the year at Clubertino, and Randy vowed to make it a night people would not easily forget. Black light, glow in the dark bubbles and highlighters, along with a streaming karaoke room were the main attractions Saturday night. There was of course, the customary bottles upon bottles of alcohol, including the famous Mojitos. Randy also had origami books out along with twist balloons, which people made into various animal, floral, and genital forms!

The night before, I had gone out with Rae to San Francisco to the Rotten Tomatoes Halloween Party. I dressed up as… what exactly would you call putting all of your hair in front of your hair and covering it up with a hood? I don’t know, but it certainly looked scary to everyone who saw it! Earlier in the day, Elsa rode her bike to Stanford to attend a DVF seminar. The outfit was subtle enough to make people suspect that something was different about me, but not so over the top that it was outrageous. I did, however, get some cat calls from some workers along Frenchman’s Road. I should have yelled back at them in a deep, manly voice, but I was too far gone by the time I thought of the embarassing deed.

For the party, however, I tried on four different costumes. I first took on the guise of a kaffiyeh wearing terrorist. With my Stanford sweatshirt on, it’s shown that you never know where a cell might crop up! Next, I returned to my scary hair looking outfit, which was followed by a return of Elsa, who sported a much more womanly figure. I definitely threw a few people off (who will remain nameless), no doubt making them think impure thoughts before recognizing who Elsa really was! Finally, as the night wore down, I switched to my scrubs and gave expert medical advice to the sober and inebriated.

Black light kicks serious ass. Randy was joking that we should have named the party the Tron Party, since everyone was glowing in the dark. Those glow bubbles still won’t wash off our hands and faces!

The karaoke room was a big success, and Randy and Joon-Mo made sure that everyone’s singing talents were recorded for posterity’s sake. Segeni from the Fellowship belted out some great renditions of Michael Jackson’s Billy Jean and some Bob Marley songs. Jen and Joey were constantly working the microphones, and hey, I even saw Ann singing some songs!

And now for some photos. Enjoy!

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