Ginger and Javier

Ginger and Javier tied the knot this weekend in Malibu. Randy, Jen, Joey, and I drove to SoCal on Friday morning, following Mark, Joon-Mo, and Daniel down along Highway 5. We stretched our legs and settled down at the Good Nite Inn in scenic Calabasas before heading over to Mr. Chuy’s for dinner. Walking into the restaurant, I immediately recognized some differences between Southern California and Northern California: laid-back, blonde, and artificial. After 10 years in the Bay Area, I’m definitely more NoCal than SoCal!

The wedding was held at the Our Lady of Malibu Church, which is located near Pepperdine University. My lasting memory of Pepperdine comes from the West Coast College Tour when I was a high school senior. The tour guide spoke of curfews and certain PDA (and I’m not talking about handheld computers) restrictions in place at the school. I recall thinking to myself, “Heh, guess I’m not going here!”

At the Church, I was surprised to hear the wedding officiator speak of his wife. I had thought that priests weren’t allowed to marry (except in those instances when the priest was married before he took his priestly vows). Later, I learned that the officiator was a deacon, not a priest. According to the Wikipedia, however, deacons aren’t allowed to marry either, unless they were married prior to being ordained.

Following the wedding ceremony (which was rather quick), Javier, Ginger, Jason (Javi’s brother-in-law), and I left to take photographs as the guests headed over to Minu’s house for the reception. We stopped at an observation point along Highway 1 and at their hotel room. The caption to the header image to this entry? “Overlooking his vast empire at his Mexican villa, a fierce and powerful Javier Torres is joined by his new wife, Ginger Sykes.”

Minu’s mother’s house was beautiful. Perched atop a hill, one could see miles and miles into the Pacific Ocean. Javier’s family prepared a scrumptious Mexican dinner for the guests, and Osvaldo provided the musical tunes. On this wedding day, we danced, played, and partied well into the evening with no distractions.

In a couple of weeks, Rae and I will be heading back down to Malibu for Ben and Christine’s wedding. Until then, enjoy the photos from Javier and Ginger’s wedding!

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