How Bollywood Can You Be?

My colleague in the Digital Vision Fellowship, Brij Kothari, kicked off his Planet Read project with a Bollywood-inspired party in Piedmont. Planet Read’s goal is to improve literacy in India by combining same-language subtitling (think Karaoke) technology with movies, books, and songs.

How Bollywood Can You Be? was the theme of the party. A few days ago, Brij told me of a movie called Chachi 420, which is basically a Bollywood version of Mrs. Doubtfire. Assured by Brij that dressing up as Jayaprakash Paswan would go well with the crowd, I got a sari from Rae’s sister and carefully planned for Elsa’s arrival on Saturday night. Thanks to Burny’s friend (whose name escapes me at the moment), Rae and I were transformed into Janki and Jayaprakesh!

Javier and Ginger provided the great DJ’ing and music. A veteran of Clubertino, Javier is now well-versed in the Bollywood/Bhangra rhthyms. The style of dance is much more fun and festive than what you’d see at a club in San Francisco. I wonder what a traditional Indian wedding would be like to photograph!

The end of the academic year is quickly approaching. I’m going to miss the people in the Fellowship and the parties we’ve had. If I ever decide to travel around the world, I know that there’ll be places to see and people to reunite with in Italy, India, Kenya, South Africa, and more!

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