Super Size Me

Rae and I watched Super Size Me a little over two weeks ago. At the time, I was working on my final project for Art 174. Obesum was my attempt at making light of the whole weight-loss craze. I wanted to see how a weight-gain pill might be portrayed in today’s infomercial saturated world. Take a look at the video and let me know what you think! Kudos go out to Dardy for his bang-up job in the role of a typical Obesum user!

I used to eat MacDonald’s food as a kid. I loved the McDLT, chicken mcnuggets, and those delectable apple pies. As I grew older, however, my taste for fast food waned. It’s okay to eat it every once in a while (like a few times a year), but I can’t imagine eating that stuff every day for a month! I’ve recently restarted my exercise regimen… I haven’t been super sized because of fast food but because of my sedentary lifestyle in front of the computer! So, once again, I’m back on the saddle to burn off those excess pounds. Here we go again!

View the Obesum video (8.8MB)

Photos from our trip to Super Size Me. We had dinner beforehand at Plearn Thai Restaurant in Berkeley.

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