Unable to open database error?

An Annoture user can’t run the application because the Aperture SQLite3 database can not be opened. He’s getting the error from the program and from the command line when manually trying to access the database. Unable to open database file Any Mac OS X and SQLite3 gurus know why this might be the case. This … Continue reading Unable to open database error?

AppleScript System Events Slowness

In Timeature, I have the app tell Aperture to switch to the Library via AppleScript. What should be a very fast operation turns out to be glacially slow. Any AppleScript wizards care to explain why this is the case? Here’s offending code that you can run in Script Editor: tell application “System Events” try set … Continue reading AppleScript System Events Slowness

Annoture 1.0.1 and Timeature 1.0.2

I need to fire myself and hire a real QA team. A couple of international users discovered a problem related to number formats and localization in Timeature and Annoture. Since both apps share some of the same codebase, I had to release a point update — 1.0.2 and 1.0.1 respectively — to them. The issue … Continue reading Annoture 1.0.1 and Timeature 1.0.2