A powerful, customizable, and elegant launcher for your shortcuts, LaunchCuts has been completely rewritten as a native iOS app using SwiftUI.

It has begun final testing and will be available on the App Store in early January.

Notable features include:

  • Folders : Organize your shortcuts into folders.
  • Smart Folders : Display shortcuts based on multiple criteria, including tags, shortcut type, and accepted input types (e.g. Text, Images, Files, and Safari Web Pages).
  • Sort : Sort your shortcuts by name, color, icon, or size.
  • Adjustable Grid : See more (or less) shortcuts on screen for a given folder.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts : Quickly navigate between your favorite folders and launch your most-used shortcuts.
  • Enhanced Search : Find shortcuts faster with wildcard searches.
  • Multiple Windows : Create multiple instances of LaunchCuts when using Split View and Slide Over on iPadOS.
  • Bright Icons : Bring back the colorful icons from iOS 12.

Learn more about LaunchCuts at