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MsgFiler is a keyboard-based email filing application for Apple Mail. Type to filter down the list of mailboxes and press return to file selected messages in Mail. Navigate, select, move and copy emails without ever lifting your hands off the keyboard.

With MsgFiler, you can say goodbye to dragging and dropping, sore wrists, and an overflowing inbox and say hello to more time.

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66 thoughts on “MsgFiler

  1. Graham Fogg

    I just installed OS 10.6.4, which disabled MsgFiler 2.07 because of an apparent incompatibility with Mail 4.3. When will a new version of MsgFiler be available?

  2. Try re-installing MsgFiler 2.0.7 again. That should fix things with 10.6.4.

  3. Just noticed that the recent Snow Leopard upgrade to version 10.6.4 has disabled version 2.0.7 of msgfiler in Mail.

    You probably already knew this, but wanted to let you know just in case. I really depend on your great plugin and looking forward to your update.


    TED GRIGG – License holder

  4. Gregg Van

    THANKS ! for having a copy of MsgFiler that works with the new MacOS 10.6.4 **on the day the new OS was released**. When I saw the new OS disabled my MsgFiler i came to your site, downloaded your latest 2.0.7 and installed it. It works just fine.

  5. Re-installing MsgFiler 2.0.7 works like a charm for Mail 4.3 under 10.4.6. Thanks!

  6. Jim Poko

    When I updated to 10.6.4 and Mail said that MsgFiler had been disabled I got worried ‘cuz I use it all day every day. Came here, installed the update and I’m back in business.
    Thank you Adam!

    ……I’m glad I paid the shareware fee.

  7. Ted and all – Mail in 10.6.4 by default disables all Mail plugins, even if they are compatible with 10.6.4. You’ll need to reinstall to get it working again.

    Also, I know there’s something wrong with comments. Your comments are being posted, even if you’re redirected to a 404 page. I’ll fix this soon.

  8. Bob

    I just came across your plugin, and am so glad that I did!! Works great with 10.6.4. One question, and possibly feature request — is there the ability to restrict folders from a list? I have an IMAP account with lots of nested folders, and a similar Archive folder structure on my local machine. It would be nice to have the ability to restrict the Archive folder from showing up.

    Thanks for your work on this app. My daily workflow just got much cleaner!

  9. Jeff

    First and foremost, thanks for a great app!
    Now for the help request: I’m running 10.6.4, received the error message about disabling msgfiler plugin due to incompatibility with mail 4.3 & message 4.3. Downloaded and installed MsgFiler 2.07. Received the same error msg. Rebooted, redownloaded, reinstalled, and received the same error. Anything suggestions?

  10. J. Craig Fletcher

    Is there a way to modify the “copy” shortcut? After years of using Outlook I would like to use ctrl-v to move a message and ctrl-y to copy a message.

  11. Paolo

    Nice app. I’m considering buying msgfiler. Two things I miss though, from Nostalgy:

    – Ability to learn, based on previous keypresses & selections.

    – The unnecessary extra keypress (Enter + Enter again) that is required when multiple folders are matched in the search results. (This doesn’t happen if there is only one search result – a single Enter works). I don’t see the benefit – not that likely to save one from making mistakes, and just penalises you the rest of the time.

    Any possibility of either or both options in future? Would be nice to know what’s coming up (roadmap).


  12. My time to update MsgFiler is currently very limited due to current projects, so while there’s lots on the feature roadmap, including better keyboard support and smarter mailbox matching, there’s no timetable for when this uber-update is going to come out.

  13. Duane R. Dunsirn

    I have many 100’s of email folders that I store my messages in, and to my delight, have found that MsgFiler works very well with 10.6.4!

    Saves time and really speeds up my email organization!

    8$ well spent!!!!!

    Anything you add to the app in the future will only make it uber better :)

    Thanks for a great app!

  14. Tom Nurkkala

    MsgFilter is exactly what I was looking for to help speed up e-mail processing. It’s so much faster than having to drag and drop messages into mail folders. My inbox is now heading back toward empty — where it should be! Definitely eight bucks well spent. Thank you!

  15. Globramma Fujanna

    My time to update MsgFiler is currently very limited due to current projects, so while there’s lots on the feature roadmap, including better keyboard support and smarter mailbox matching, there’s no timetable for when this uber-update is going to come out.

    I would pay $16 per license for a version of MsgFiler with smart mailbox matching (i.e. learning which email address gets filed to which mailbox, then automatically choose and/or move to destination folder) and more configuration options.

  16. mark

    Agree w/Paolo from 29 Jun 2010:

    “The unnecessary extra keypress (Enter + Enter again) that is required when multiple folders are matched in the search results. (This doesn’t happen if there is only one search result – a single Enter works). I don’t see the benefit – not that likely to save one from making mistakes, and just penalises you the rest of the time.”

    A single ENTER key should always select the highlighted folder, independent of the number of matches.

    This is my top feature request, and maybe a simple fix?

    Otherwise love the simple elegance of MsgFiler.

  17. Jeff Fessler

    Just tried 2.0.8 on leopard (10.5.8) without success.
    Seemed to install without errors, but after starting Mail again
    see no sign of MsgFiler in Message menu. Re-installed 2.0.3
    which is working fine and is still the best shareware I’ve ever got!

  18. Jan

    Hey Jeff,

    same here: Leopard 10.5.8, MsgFiler installation without any errors but MsgFiler can’t be found after Mail restart. Rolled back to 2.0.3, works like a charm.

  19. If anyone was having problems with 2.0.8 not installing properly on your machine, please re-download the Disk Image and try again. There are a problem with the build architecture on the app, which I have correct. Sorry for the inconvenience!

  20. Robert Wolf

    To who it may concern, 09/07/2010
    I have installed, uninstalled, and reinstalled “Move with MsgFiler” and it will not recognize my main Inbox, Drafts, Sent, or Trash under “MAILBOXES”. AOL Mailboxes, On My Mac Mailboxes, and an RSS feed are all recognized, however MsgFiler 2.0.8 will not accept the main Mac OS X Mail Mailboxes. I wanted to install MsgFiler 2.0.8 and make sure it would work before registering. I recently bought a 27″ 2.8 GHz Intel Core i7 iMac, 8GB 1067 MHz DDR3 Ram, and a 2TB Hard Drive and I am running Snow Leopard 10.6.4. I do understand the Mac and I am a heavy Mail user. This shareware program is exactly what I need to get my Mail in order, can you help? Thank you very much for any advice you can provide to correct these omissions.
    Sincerely Yours,
    Robert Wolf

  21. Markus

    I use MsgFiler all the time and like it a lot. Money well-spent.

    I’m wondering about one thing: Could there be a “Move and Open” command? Of course, I can Move, then Open the target mailbox, but that takes longer.

    The reason is that sometimes I want to drag a message to some other program. But when I move the message after doing this, the link from the other program to the message usually gets broken. So I move the message first — but then I need to focus on it again before dragging it, so I have to open.

  22. Dan

    I am having an issue setting up the cmd-9 shortcut key to bring up MsgFiler. When I go to System Preferences > Keyboard & Mouse and try to add the keyboard shortcut for, nothing works. First of all, it doesn’t display in the list, I have to select “other.” Once I navigate to find in my apps folder, I add in the exact title of the menu item (Move with MsgFiler) and the keyboard command (cmd-9). After doing that, nothing works… doesn’t even display in the drop down portion of the Keyboard & Mouse screen at the bottom. Any ideas?

  23. Dan – So in the Keyboard and Mouse pane under Keyboard Shortcuts, are you:

    1) Clicking on Application Shortcuts
    2) Click the + icon
    3) Select
    4) Entering “Move with MsgFiler” (minus quotes)
    5) Entering Command-9 as the shortcut

    and it doesn’t appear in the drop-down? That’s odd. What version of OS X are you running? Are you running OS X under a different language perhaps?

  24. Markus: I’ll consider your feature for a future version of MsgFiler. It doesn’t look like a terribly difficult thing to add.

  25. Dan

    I am running 10.5.8 in english, not another language. I do your step 1 and 2, then for 3 there is no…I have to select “other” and navigate to it (I have my apps organized in folders). Once I do that I do steps 4 and 5 and when I select “add” nothing happens. I actually have to select “add” twice. After clicking it once nothing happens, so I click it a second time and the window closes. BUT there is no new shortcut in the Mouse and Keyboard pane at this point. SO strange.

  26. […] as well. And dragging emails around with a mouse to file them is a pain. if you agree, them meet MsgFiler, a slick little plug-in for […]

  27. Erik

    I am a registered user and love the app! I have one feature request, though: any chance you could build in the ability for users to change the font size in the MsgFiler pop up window? Thank you, Erik

  28. An option for larger font sizes has been requested by other users. I’ll look into it for the next major release of the plugin.

  29. Suzie

    @Adam: Great Program! Would it be possible to have the option of changing the default action from Move to Copy? This would help when opening MsgFiler with Command+9, select the correct folder and the hit enter to copy the message to the folder.

  30. @Suzie – right now that’s not possible. I may offer additional configuration options for all of the commands in the future. Until then, you can hit command-shift-c to copy the files instead of moving them.

  31. Sam Krotinger

    Sorry to use this forum, but can’t find the email address that is supposed to be on this page…..paid thru Paypal but never received registration email with license # etc. Killer app !

  32. Sam – Sent you an email. Sometimes notification of payments don’t hit our server, so best to email us from the address listed in the README file.

  33. Bruce

    When will the 10.6.5 update be available?

  34. The current version of MsgFiler 2.0.8, is qualified for use in Mac OS X 10.6.5.

  35. I love MsgFiler, but it doesn’t work with 10.6.5 as of now. Help me out! :-)

  36. Well, luckily, I was wrong. A reinstall of MsgFiler fixed the problem.

  37. TomballTX

    MsgFiler is not compatible with Mail 4.4, Message 4.4 in Mac OS X 10.6.4

  38. TomballTX

    Make that 10.6.5

  39. TomballTX

    Erp. Finally read Lars’ comments and reinstalled. It works.

  40. Bill Chiarchiaro

    MsgFiler breaks OS X Spaces

    Hi, Adam. I’ve been trying for months to track down the cause of a loss of keyboard input when switching between Spaces, and in the last couple of weeks I’ve found that MsgFiler is involved. I no longer see a contact email address for you on this site, and the information I’d like to give you is rather long to type into this Reply form. Would you be willing to respond by email, so that I could give you the details?



  41. Bill – sent you an email. Looking forward to hearing back from you about MsgFiler and Spaces.

  42. Mark Powell

    Looks like MsgFiler is incompatible with the new Mail 4.4 just released with OS X 10.6.5 (at least for me). Please keep us posted on any updates.

  43. Mark Powell

    Oh never mind, I should have read the previous posts. Reinstall fixed it for me.

  44. Peter Harvey

    Regarding the loss of keyboard input using spaces, I believe this is fixed in 10.6.5. Search for “Addresses keyboard responsiveness issues in the Dock when Spaces is turned on”. A colleague experienced this regularly and reports it’s no longer reproducible on 10.6.5.

  45. Bill Chiarchiaro

    Hi, Peter.

    Thanks for the news, but unfortunately the Spaces / MsgFiler problem is still happening on my iMac that’s running 10.6.5. Adam is being very responsive in the diagnosis of this issue. We’ve been trying a series of experiments and are narrowing down the conditions needed to stimulate the problem.


  46. Terri

    Unfortunately, even a reinstall of MsgFiler didn’t work to resolve the compatibility error that I get from Mail 4.4. I love MsgFiler and can’t imagine working without it. Any other suggestion on how to tackle the 4.4 compatibility issue?

  47. Terri

    Please ignore the last question. I just upgraded from MsgFiler 2.07 to 2.0.8 and that did the trick. And thanks for such a handy tool.

  48. Hi,

    Is the current version of MsgFiler compatible with Mail 4.4 (Mac OS 10.6.5) ?

  49. N Southey

    No, It’s not and it’s too late!
    Please could you make it work again, I can’t start dragging mail into folders again.

  50. N Southey

    False Alarm! I reinstalled 2.08 and it works again now. Thanks.

  51. Tom McHale

    Hi – Looks like MsgFiler broke with the Mail 4.4 version that was just rolled out. Any ideas on how to make it work?


  52. Hi there,
    Great job with MsgFiler! I just downloaded it the other day and I love it already! I started off using the command-9 keyboard shortcut, and then I figured that it would be easier for me to use option-M instead. But it turns out that you actually can’t assign any LETTERS to the keyboard shortcut for MsgFiler, because Mail interferes. For example, when I hit option-M on my keyboard, Mail took over and started selecting any messages that began with the letter “M” (either the sender’s name or the subject name). Only when Mail ran out of matching messages did it yield control to MsgFiler. Any way to override Mail being overly-selfish like this? ;-) In the meantime, I’ve got mine set back to command-9 again.
    Thanks again!

  53. Scott – Sorry, I don’t know of a way to override Mail in this case.

  54. […] MsgFiler is a simple utility I discovered recently. it’s essentially a plugin for Mail that adds a new menu item (you can assign a keyboard shortcut via System Preferences). Choose the menu item (or better, the keyboard shortcut) and you can type the name of the folder you want to send the selected message (or messages) to. The best part is that it’s intelligent – it filters the possible destinations as you type, so you only really need to enter a few characters. Hit enter, and the message is gone. […]

  55. I have a feature request, which I think others would find very useful.

    Have a checkbox preference to “restrict move/copy destinations to same mail account”

    I use gmail, and sometimes have the same label in multiple accounts. This will prevent me from accidentally copying a message over to a different account — a definite mistake for me.

    Would this be a complex task? Seems like we would restrict the list of destinations to the current message’s mailbox. I hope finding out the current mailbox is easy, because then this would be a very simple enhancement.

    What do you think?

  56. I’ve added your suggestion to the MsgFiler feature request list.

  57. Sabino

    Is the current version compatible with Mac OS X 10.6.6?

  58. L Thompson

    Do you have the ability to write a plugin that will allow filing of a message in a folder when it is sent? I just submitted this to Apple feedback, but I don’t know if they will ever respond, and a plugin MIGHT do the trick:

    I used Pegasus Mail on Windows for years because of one feature: the ability to file my e-mail in a folder of my choosing at the time of sending. When I moved to a Mac, no one had this. Eventually, someone came out with a Thunderbird plugin which did the same thing.

    This is so important to me (and other users from what I’ve found) because it keeps mail from being put in a general “Sent” folder. E-mail is a core part of my business. The ability to file customer e-mail in distinct folders at the time of sending is a time saver when it comes to archiving messages, searching for data on a customer, etc.

    Will Apple consider adding this feature? I’d love to use the integrated Mail product, but this is a deal killer by not having this feature.



  59. Charles H

    Is there anyway to get MsgFiler to open in a “change folder” mode ? That is I have cmd-S for save, and I’d like to have cmd-A or something open the panel in a movemode. The only practical difference is pressing enter would activate “Go-To Mailbox” instead of “Save”. It feels awkward to do command/type/command instead of command/type/enter. Minor nit, but would love it :)

  60. @L Thompson – part of Mail Scripts ( is an AppleScript Studio application called Schedule Delivery which lets you do this. I haven’t used it all that much yet, but worth giving a try.

  61. @Charles H – How often do you switch between filing messages and opening mailboxes?

  62. Jud Bass

    I purchased a license on January 7, 2011, and PayPal shows that the transaction was completed. However, I have never received my license code, so the annoying popups continue. Please check your records and furnish my license code as soon as possible. Thank you very much.

  63. […] smart mailboxes functionality, which allows you to view your email based on certain criteria, MsgFiler lets you file any selected messages quickly and easily.  The plugin is shareware — your $8 […]

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