Aperture Caption and Aperture Caption Palette

Interesting, there’s a free AppleScript-based app from Apple called Aperture Caption Palette. This slick mini-app looks suspiciously like my own Aperture Caption AppleScript that I wrote in the beginning of February. If only I knew what things are in development at Apple, it would save me a lot of time writing duplicate products!

Aperture Caption AppleScript for Effortless Captioning

Update 2008-03-28: In conjunction with Aperture 2.1, Apple has released a free AppleScript-based app for captioning called Aperture Caption Palette. Check it out. I’ve been using Aperture as my primary RAW processor for quite some time now. One thing that has been bothering me and others is the lack of a keyboard shortcut to edit … Continue reading Aperture Caption AppleScript for Effortless Captioning