Election Night with Jared Polis

On Tuesday, Jared, his staff, friends, and family, finally saw the ultimate result of their hard work and sacrifices for the past year and a half as he was elected to serve in the United States House of Representatives next year. Jared won by a convincing margin, 60% to 36%, over his primary opponent, Scott … Continue reading Election Night with Jared Polis

Final Hours Before Election

Here’s a random set of photos from the last day before Election 2008. It’s been a long campaign and everyone is ready to move on with the next project. For Jared, hopefully that will be a Congressional Seat in Colorado’s District 2. For me, it’ll be back to the Bay Area to work on the … Continue reading Final Hours Before Election

Meridian Retirement Community

Our last stop of the day was to The Meridian Retirement Community in Boulder. As at Northglenn Heights, the staff arranged for interested members to meet, greet, and ask questions to Jared. One of the attendees was Boulder native and 99-year old Mildred Walton. She’s turning 100 years old on November 7! That’s got to … Continue reading Meridian Retirement Community