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Northglenn Heights Assisted Care Center

Jared at the Northglenn Heights Assisted Care Center

For our final event of the morning, Jared made an appearance and spoke with members at two assisted living care centers. I wasn’t allowed to photograph at the first one, but I had ample opportunities to do so at the Northglenn Heights Assisted Living and Memory Care Center in Northglenn, Colorado.

Jared spoke with members there for a good hour, covering topics such as the war, the economy, and healthcare. The country clerk will be coming by later today or tomorrow to retrieve the members’ voting ballots. After his visit, perhaps Jared has secured a few more votes!

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Boulder County Farmer's Market

Jared at the Boulder County Farmer's Market

On Saturday morning, Jared greeted shoppers at the final Boulder County Farmer’s Market of the year. The weather was wonderful and many a happy smile met Jared as he walked through the pedestrian thoroughfare. Though I shouldn’t be surprised, I’m still a little taken aback by all of the people who came up to him, smiled, and told him that they voted for him or that he was going to make a fine U.S. Congressman.

Jared even made a quick stop at the Republican Party Booth. I overheard the Republican staffer asking Jared, “You don’t really need to be doing this, do you?” What would have really been funny is if we asked the staffer the same question. Boulder is definitely a very pro-Democrat area, and sadly for the staffer, not too many people were stopping by to say hello to him.

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