Autumn Gem Preview for the iPad

Over on the Autumn Gem web site, I noted that our Autumn Gem Preview iPad application is now available on the iTunes App Store. Using selected video clips, archival materials, and interactive features, Autumn Gem Preview introduces you to this fascinating figure through an extensive trailer of the film. On the home screen are three … Continue reading Autumn Gem Preview for the iPad

iPad Meetup

Last night, I attended the The Silicon Valley iPhone and iPad Developers’ Meetup at Bistro 412 in Palo Alto. The venue used to be called Fanny and Alexander (or F&A for short) for as long as I could remember. I photographed several events at F&A, including a Smurfy Brown performance back in 2002. Eight years … Continue reading iPad Meetup

iPad Case and Newton MessagePad Keyboard Case

I’m still collecting my thoughts on the new Apple iPad, but I wanted to share with you a side-by-side comparison shot of the iPad Case and the Newton MessagePad Keyboard Case from 1996. Back when laptops were 6-7 pounds, bringing around a 2-3 pound Newton, external keyboard, and Ricochet wireless modem was perfect for checking … Continue reading iPad Case and Newton MessagePad Keyboard Case

Autumn Gem Tour Packing Recap

Over on our Autumn Gem blog, I posted a recap and analysis of our packing strategy for our 25-day, 17-stop tour of the documentary. We’ve gotten packing light down to a near science, but there’s always room for improvement. Ideally, we’d like to go from three pieces of luggage to just one. Identifying what worked … Continue reading Autumn Gem Tour Packing Recap

Autumn Gem at Santa Clara University

The crowd keeps getting bigger. We had nearly 120 people fill up Room 206 in the Daly Science Center at Santa Clara University for our screening of Autumn Gem. I’ve posted a recap with photos on the official Autumn Gem web site here. Now, we pack for the next few days before leaving for Madison, … Continue reading Autumn Gem at Santa Clara University