Boulder County Farmer's Market

On Saturday morning, Jared greeted shoppers at the final Boulder County Farmer’s Market of the year. The weather was wonderful and many a happy smile met Jared as he walked through the pedestrian thoroughfare. Though I shouldn’t be surprised, I’m still a little taken aback by all of the people who came up to him, … Continue reading Boulder County Farmer's Market

Campaign Headquarters

Here are photos from Jared’s visits to his campaign headquarters and the joint Obama/Udall/Polis campaign office. The level of coordination is pretty cool at these offices; I saw volunteers from California and New York. Since Colorado is a swing state (that’s been leaning blue the past several elections), volunteers from definite blue states have been … Continue reading Campaign Headquarters

Munchkin Masquerade and Pearl Street

On Friday afternoon, we attended the annual Munchkin Masquerade on Pearl Street in downtown Boulder, Colorado. Kids and parents of all ages were dressed in their Halloween Costumes. Jared, still in his Colorado Rockies #45 uniform, handed out candy to the kids and spoke with the parents about the upcoming election. There were a lot … Continue reading Munchkin Masquerade and Pearl Street

Halloween Honk and Wave

Jared and I use to play high school in baseball. While I was stuck on the JV team, Jared was playing first base and pitcher for the varsity club. Jared’s a lifelong baseball fan, so for the Halloween Honk and Wave this morning, he donned his baseball uniform and grabbed his glove (from high school … Continue reading Halloween Honk and Wave

Cannon Mine Coffee House in Lafayette

The Jared Polis train continues to run. This evening, he attended another meet the constituents session at the Cannon Mine Coffee House in Lafayette, Colorado. There were over a dozen prospective constituents present at the meeting and they had their share of questions, including those on the feasibility of a single payer healthcare system in … Continue reading Cannon Mine Coffee House in Lafayette

Gilpin County Rotary Club

This afternoon, we left the comfortable confines of Denver to drive up into the mountains of Gilpin County. The district that Jared is running in is quite large and covers major metropolitan areas, college towns like Boulder, and less heavily developed areas like Gilpin. The Gilpin County Rotary Club met today inside the Fortune Valley … Continue reading Gilpin County Rotary Club

Jared at the Wagon Road Park N Ride in Westminster, Colorado

This morning, Jared Polis greeted commuters and voters at the Wagon Road Park N Ride in Westminster, Colorado. As the commuters lined up to take the bus, Jared introduced himself to each one individually. Many of the people had already sent in their mail-in ballots, and a number of them mentioned to Jared that they … Continue reading Jared at the Wagon Road Park N Ride in Westminster, Colorado

Jared Polis at the Atlanta Bread Company

The evening after we arrived in Denver, Colorado, Rae and I attended a meeting with Jared Polis at the Atlanta Bread Company restaurant in Northglenn. As I wrote in my previous entry, Jared is running for Congress this year. We’ve known each other since middle school in San Diego, and I’ve always known that he … Continue reading Jared Polis at the Atlanta Bread Company

Jared Polis Blog Posts from the Middle East

Jared Polis, my friend from high school, has made a recent trip to the Middle East as part of his run-up to the Congressional elections next year. I just finished reading his blog post about the use of private mercenaries in Iraq. Unlike most mainstream media news reports from the area, his recount was both … Continue reading Jared Polis Blog Posts from the Middle East