MacBook Pro Woes

I’ve been experiencing random restarts and kernel panics lately on my newly purchased (yet already outdated) MacBook Pro. I’m typically using Aperture of Final Cut Pro when this happens. The computer’s optical disk drive suddenly whirrs, the screen blacks out, and the familiar restart process begins. To say the least, this has been very annoying, … Continue reading MacBook Pro Woes

Phoxle SpectraSnap White Balance and Flash Match Filters

I’ve used pretty much every kind of white balance filter that’s been made. 18% Kodak Gray Cards, the WhiBal Card, and the ExpoDisc. For my upcoming trip to China, I’m taking a new product, Phoxle’s SpectraSnap White Balance Filter. The SpectraSnap was designed by COBA member, Chris Pedersen. Chris has been coming to COBA for … Continue reading Phoxle SpectraSnap White Balance and Flash Match Filters

Preparing for Autumn Gem

For the past several months, I’ve been working with Rae on her upcoming documentary film, Autumn Gem. The documentary will cover the life of China’s first feminist, Qiu Jin, with scholar interviews, moving pictures, and dramatic recreations. We recently completed our teaser trailer, which is available on the project website. Next Friday, we’ll be leaving … Continue reading Preparing for Autumn Gem