iPad Case and Newton MessagePad Keyboard Case

I’m still collecting my thoughts on the new Apple iPad, but I wanted to share with you a side-by-side comparison shot of the iPad Case and the Newton MessagePad Keyboard Case from 1996. Back when laptops were 6-7 pounds, bringing around a 2-3 pound Newton, external keyboard, and Ricochet wireless modem was perfect for checking … Continue reading iPad Case and Newton MessagePad Keyboard Case

SNUG 16th Anniversary Meeting

I got an email today from Sir Izaac reminding me that today was the 16th anniversary meeting of the Stanford Newton User Group. I had completely forgotten about it. Man, has it been that long since the first SNUG meeting and seventeen years since I’ve owned a Newton?!? There are kids today who don’t even … Continue reading SNUG 16th Anniversary Meeting

Newtons and iPhones at Stanford

News that Stanford will be conducting a class on iPhone Development, taught by my friend Adam Nash brings back good memories of my time on the Farm. I smiled when I read the press release from Stanford announcing the Stanford iApps Project. A suite of five software applications developed by students is now being tested … Continue reading Newtons and iPhones at Stanford

Australian Film Critic Uses Newton

Grant had a tweet pointing to an article on Australian film critic, Paul Byrnes, who was recently awarded the Pascall Prize for Critic of the Year. What’s cool about his story is that he writes all of his reviews on an Apple Newton MessagePad. Earlier in his career, he suffered a repetitive stress injury and … Continue reading Australian Film Critic Uses Newton

Happy Birthday to Newton

It’s hard to believe that fourteen years ago on August 3, 1993, Apple released the Newton MessagePad. I was one of its early adopters, purchasing it just before my freshman year at college. It was the device that got me hooked on mobile computing, and it paved the way for where I am professionally today. … Continue reading Happy Birthday to Newton

More Love From Crazy Apple Rumors

Crazy Apple Rumors has another funny post about iPhone and Newton. They love me over there, as they’ve done several posts about the Newton with me as the model Newton fanatic. iPhone Launched Marred By Unfortunate Incident. While the Friday launch of the iPhone went seemingly spectacularly, at least one disturbing incident marred Apple’s new … Continue reading More Love From Crazy Apple Rumors

iPhone/Newton Getting Started Videos

The original Newton MessagePad came with a getting started VHS videotape. An eight-minute long video, the tape described Newton’s features and functionality and provided some tips and tricks to getting the most out the handwriting recognizer. Watching the iPhone’s keyboard video tutorial on the web made me nostalgic. Thanks to the power of YouTube, I … Continue reading iPhone/Newton Getting Started Videos

iPhone T-minus 3 days

So here we are, just three days away from the iPhone’s release in Apple and AT&T stores across America. People are already starting to line up in New York, and I bet someone will soon be camping out in front of the Palo Alto Apple Store — assuming there’s no one there already. My current … Continue reading iPhone T-minus 3 days

SNUG 13th Anniversary Meeting

Yesterday was the 13th Anniversary Stanford Newton User Group meeting. We’ve been holding it at the Printer’s Inc. Cafe ever since the beginning in 1994. During that time, many stores have come and gone on South California Avenue in Palo Alto. Last night, time ran out for Nora’s Cafe, located next to Cho’s and Kinko’s. … Continue reading SNUG 13th Anniversary Meeting