Bring Your Kid To Wor… Drug Bust?!?

On April 27, 2001, the day of Palm’s Bring Your Kid To Work Day, an unfortunate “bad guy” gets busted by the police outside of my house around 11:00 pm. Witness the events of the cops raiding his car and pulling out bags and bags of suspicious materials. (Photos taken with a Canon D30 with 70-200mm f/2.8L and 50mm f/1.4 lenses)

Today was Bring Your Kid To Work Day at Palm, Inc.. There were dozens upon dozens of employees at Palm who brought their young (ages 4 and above) daughters and sons to the office. If one didn’t know better, one might have thought that Palm was engaging in some violation of the child labor laws! Seriously though, it was neat to see the other side of people’s lives arrive at work. This is the life that’s worth living for, the one that typically counts more than work for most people.

One has to wonder what will happen to these kids as they grow up. Will they become law-abiding citizens of society, or will some of them become perpetrators of crime, adults who feel that they are above the law? Looking into their innocent faces, one can never tell. One can only hope that they remain true to themselves and to what their parents (hopefully) teach them.

This evening, I was walking into my bedroom to close the windows when I noticed bright lights on the street outside of my house. Turns out there was a drug bust going on between two police officers and a dark jalopy. The squad car lights were blaring, and the officers were taking turns searching the car, bringing out some very suspect bags of goodies. Whoever was locked up in the back seat of the police car was having a bad day. Yes, I would wager that he didn’t have this in mind! If only the guy learned a thing or two attending his parents’ Bring Your Kid To Work Day years ago…

I was fortunate to have the big lens with me, Eric’s 70-200mm f/2.8L, with me this evening. I was able to get close to take some detailed pictures of the drug bust. Now, if only I had the 300mm f/2.8L or the fricking 1200mm f/5.6L lens with me, I could have gotten the expression on the criminal! One last thing, the police officers on the scene appeared to be handling the job with duty and honor, at least from my perspective. This night was not going to turn out to be another Rodney King incident, thankfully!

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