Randy's 27th Birthday Party

Randy’s birthday was on Monday, and Ann, Joon-Mo, Tarun, and I took him out to Todai Restaurant in the Vallco Shopping Mall in Cupertino. Todai is a franchise operation that serves an extensive all-you-can-eat Japanese seafood buffet. Food critic, Elmer Dills, called Todai the “Mother of all Seafood Buffets” and after having eaten there, I agree with him! With sushi, sometimes you’re in the mood for quality and sometimes you’re in the mood for quantity. The latter was definitely the case last night. The food quality was decent, with more selection and variety than at Minokichi’s in Palo Alto.

Being the birthday boy, Randy didn’t have to pay at Todai, but it wasn’t because his friends chipped in to cover his bill. At Todai, if it’s your birthday, your meal is free! Plus, the waiters and waitresses come to your table after you’ve been stuffed with sushi to sing you happy birthday.

And boy, did we get stuffed with food! I had two heaping plates of sushi to go along with some miso soup, fruit, and delectable fried shrimps.

For his birthday, Randy received a new Canon PowerShot A40 Digital Camera. I think he’ll enjoy taking this camera with him wherever he goes, capturing those moments in his life worth capturing. Just watch out for the water on those fashion shoots, Randy!

Here is an animation of Randy blowing out the candle on his birthday cake from Todai. There’s also a link to the WAV file of us singing happy birthday to him!

Happy Birthday, Randy!

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