San Diego Padres

Yesterday night, I went to the San Diego Padres game at Qualcomm Stadium. My Dad and I were accompanied by Colin, one of my parents’ friends. The game was exciting up to the fifth or sixth inning, when the lead bounced back and forth between the Braves and the Pads. Unfortunately, former Padre Gary Sheffield took charge with his two home runs and RBI double to push the Braves over the top. John Smoltz came out in the ninth to preserve the 6-3 win and got his 44 save of the season.

We had clubhouse tickets, which meant we had access to the more exclusive Charger Gold area. The restaurant served up yummy spicy hot dogs and hot sandwiches. The pasta and potato salad wasn’t that bad either. This isn’t the kind of food one should eat on a regular basis, but every once and awhile, it’s fine.

Next year (if there is a next year for baseball), the Padres will be better! Then the season after that, the new downtown stadium will open on April 2004. Keep the faith! Go Padres!

After reading about all these horror stories of photographers being told they can’t bring their digital SLR’s into stadium after stadium, I was relieved to get into Qualcomm without any incident. Of course, I didn’t bring any large, white telephone lens this time. Down in the press area, there were a number of photogs with large black lenses attached to their cameras… Nikon shooters no doubt. A couple of foul balls went into the press area during the game. I hope they have insurance for their rigs!

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