Bottom of the Hill

There’s no time to rest. No sooner than I get back from my backpacking trip to Sykes Hot Springs that I’m back on the road, my camera locked and loaded.

The loud and harsh rock sounds continue to reverberate through my now unplugged ears. Tonight, I travelled to The Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco to photograph one of John Joh’s bands, Under A Dying Sun. DeathXDeath and mclusky were the other two bands on tap at the Hill. I was frankly surprised by the number of people who turned out to listen to the three bands, given that it was a Monday night.

I left the 550EX at home, thinking that the club would not allow flash photography. Wrong decision, as the club didn’t seem to mind the host of people happily flooding the stage with their flashes. I wonder if the musicians were at all bothered by them, or if they could even see them beyond the bright colored lights bathing them on stage.

I will admit that a flash would have been handy to freeze the motion of the musicians, who engaged in quite the frenzy of movement and gyrations, but I made do with what I had in my bag at the time.

I spotted a bevy of cameras, ranging from the diminutive Minolta DiMAGEX to a classic Rolleiflex in the crowd. I have to wonder where will all of those pictures end up? Will they be filed away on someone’s hard drive or stuffed into a photo album or shoebox? If they’re going to be posted onto the web, how does one find them? From the bands’ web sites? Google? Moments in time captured and moments in time lost.

As for mine, I share with you.

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