Cynthia’s parents are in town, and on Monday night, they took Edna, Erik, Cynthia, Christopher, and I out to dinner at Farallon Restaurant in San Francisco (450 Post Street). Mark Franz is the owner and Executive Chef at Farallon, which specializes in coastal cuisine. Farallon opened its doors in June, 1997, the same time that I graduated from college. It quickly earned a reputation as a must visit restaurant in San Francisco. The moment I walked under the jellyfish lamps and the ocean-inspired curvy walls, I knew that we were in for a culinary treat.

In lieu of writing about how good the dinner was, I’ll show you some of the dishes that we had.

The salmon that I ordered was a wild salmon and not farm-raised. Most salmon that we purchase at the market are farm-raised. The flesh of such salmon is naturally gray, and the fish are fed a chemical that gives them their pinkish color. Wild salmon are naturally pink, thanks to the food that they eat in the ocean. The salmon that I had was unusually pink and very tender. Due to the way it was prepared, it didn’t really taste like any salmon I’ve had before!

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