7 thoughts on “Canon Rebates

  1. O.O wow … those are some big rebates, even considering the price of the equiptment …

    I wonder what kind of new camera they’d produce …

  2. SS says:

    I’d say so…that’s exactly what happened when I purchased the Digital Rebel..then the XT came out the month after. So watch for the month after the rebate period ends!

  3. i keep telling myself that i won’t get any more lenses, that i don’t NEED any more lenses. but, of course, something like this comes along and lens envy strikes hard.

  4. I ma looking to see if you ever received my rebate form, you sent me something saying I did not have the
    proper paperwork, I mailed it back to you on 5/11/05, and still have heard nothing. Anything you can tell me would
    be appreciated
    Thank you,
    Theresa Potter

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