7 thoughts on “Canon Rebates

  1. O.O wow … those are some big rebates, even considering the price of the equiptment …

    I wonder what kind of new camera they’d produce …

  2. That is a sweet deal. Makes it tempting..but then again..you’re stuck wondering what is coming next!

  3. SS

    I’d say so…that’s exactly what happened when I purchased the Digital Rebel..then the XT came out the month after. So watch for the month after the rebate period ends!

  4. i keep telling myself that i won’t get any more lenses, that i don’t NEED any more lenses. but, of course, something like this comes along and lens envy strikes hard.

  5. I ma looking to see if you ever received my rebate form, you sent me something saying I did not have the
    proper paperwork, I mailed it back to you on 5/11/05, and still have heard nothing. Anything you can tell me would
    be appreciated
    Thank you,
    Theresa Potter

  6. Umm… I’m not the Canon Rebate Center. Check the number on the rebate form to contact them.

  7. Yeah, Adam! Where’s my rebate??? ;)

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