Beta Testers Needed!

Update June 2, 2005: The beta list is now closed.

I’m looking for a few people to test out a new piece of software that I’ve written. Requirements for the beta test are that you (1) are running Tiger, (2) are a regular user of Apple Mail, (3) make heavy use of mailbox folders, and (4) hate the speed at which you organize your mail messages.

If you’re interested in participating, post a comment below or send me an email!

14 thoughts on “Beta Testers Needed!

  1. Loki

    Is Tiger a must? Also, will this only be available only to TIger users?

  2. Tiger is a requirement at the moment, but I anticipate the app running on Panther (maybe even Jaguar) soon.

  3. Larry Gottschalk

    Hi Adam,

    I’d be up for it, and fit all the requirements.

    My only concern: any risks?


  4. Larry and all:

    No, there shouldn’t be any risk to your Mail. The application’s goal is to assist you with organizing and filing messages into mailboxes.

  5. Adam,
    I’d be willing to give it a burl…

    Sam D

  6. I’m up for it. Got all the requirements. :-)


  7. Ditto–lost the ability to use my Panther AppleScripts to sort stuff and would love to check out something else.

  8. Sure, I’ll give it a try.

  9. Adam – I’ll give it a whirl…

  10. Claudio Hoecker

    Sounds interesting.
    I’m in if you’re still in need of beta-testers.

  11. Thanks for everyone who responded! I’ll be sending out an email shortly with beta test information.

  12. sounds good: hopefully it is a cunning applescript rule creator which creates folders for people based on address book and existing hierarchies… yum with regexp, like kill file in MT NewsWatcher


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