BBQ and Fireworks

Rae and I attended a BBQ at George and Tami’s place in El Cerrito. The usual DR/RT/Wushu crowd was there, along with some of George’s colleagues at Pixar. Cyrus, Bryan, and Phoebus kept the grill going and the food flowing. We brought over leftover Pepsi and Martinelli’s from the wedding.

It was a little nippy up in El Cerrito compared to the searing heat in the South Bay. We got a little sunburned on our 4-hour, 50 mile bike ride on Saturday that took us from Cupertino to Highway 92. It’s amazing to think that the Tour de France riders do more than twice the distance in the same time! They are absolutely flying for three consecutive weeks!

After the BBQ, we headed back to the South Bay, where in Cupertino, there was a fireworks demonstration at Cupertino High. We didn’t quite make it to the Creekside Park when the fireworks started going off, so we set up the tripod along Miller Street and fired away for the next 30 minutes. I had never shot fireworks before, so a quick look on the Internet showed me the proper techniques — tripod, bulb mode, cable release, low ISO, f8-11. I got the technique down; next time, I’ll work on location and composition.

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