Annoture 0.9.2

Version 0.9.2 of Annoture has been posted onto my website.

There’s almost always a simpler solution to the problem. Hours after I released Annoture 0.9.1 to the world, I discovered an easier way to locate the current Aperture Library. I didn’t realize how many people would place their Aperture Library in a location somewhere other than ~/Pictures/. Since I haven’t switched to using Aperture full-time, I stuck with the default library location. I have since found out that many people are placing their Aperture Library on external hard drives or secondary internal hard drives.

I am now retrieving the Aperture Library Path directly from Aperture’s preferences file, located at:


There are two property fields that need checking, LibraryPath and LibraryPathOnRestart. If you change your Aperture Library location in Aperture’s preferences, you need to restart Aperture to load the new library.

Annoture 0.9.2 uses this preference to determine the current Aperture library location. Because of this, I removed the Aperture Library Path preference in Annoture’s Preferences window.

Thanks to Carsten H, Charles J, and Don K, for helping me debug this situation.

1 thought on “Annoture 0.9.2

  1. Hello,

    I try to test Annoture but I have a problem… I have all my NEFs now in the aperture library, I have imported all my folders as Aperture projects. Now I have a folder into Aperture with 17000 photos, but I have some Iview foles with these photos, so I put in Annoture one tof teh catalogs that contains 8000 files in iview. I chosse the folder in Aperture that contains the 17000 choose Copy Annotations, the processe bar begins and the counter start but when it gets 120 it stop to continue and after 2 hours its there…
    (os 10.4.4 Aperture 1.01, iview 3.0.1 DP 2,5Mhz 3,5 GB ram)…


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