Aperture and FEDM

I read today on ThinkSecret that Apple has axed or transferred much of the team behind Aperture. I had heard rumors, but this is the first time I’ve seen it published on a Mac news site. I don’t see this as a problem for the future of Aperture. Software engineering teams come and go these days. I doubt many large-scale software products have their original team members around.

Update: Some interesting posts in this Slashdot thread.

Anyhow, I’ve been using Aperture 1.1 to process photos from Facing East’s Family Style performance in San Francisco two weeks ago and their performance at Wright State University this past weekend in Ohio. It’s still not the complete end to end solution that I want, but it’s getting better. I still have to perform some extra Noise Ninja work on the final Aperture output, but I have to do that with Capture One and Digitial Photo Professional too.

I’ll have a fuller recap of the dance performances soon. I keep saying that, but work and life lately has been busy! For now, enjoy some of these photos from Family Style!

1 thought on “Aperture and FEDM

  1. Hi Adam,
    thanks for the early postings of photos….
    Favor: I need a nice, dynamic photo for the postcard for Summerfest. It will be designed with 4 other photos of my shared artist program (july).
    Any suggestion? You have the “good” recent photos….I will be doing a new 3 part version of the fan dance, but I think any dancy photo will suffice. It should be fairly close up since it will be small.

    A jeg? let me know or send me a couple. I do want to purchase photos from you when you get all of them “up”


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