Photographing Munich


Last night, Rae and I watched Munich, Spielberg’s take on the Israeli reaction to the Munich Massacre of 1972. While reading reviews for the movie this morning, I came across an article by the still photographer for the film on DigitalJournalist. I have helped out in the past with my friend’s shorts, and I’d welcome the opportunity to do some photography for a big motion picture.

As for the film, I agree with James Berardinelli’s review:

A film of uncommon depth, intelligence, and sensitivity, Munich defies easy labeling. Watching the movie is like reading a top-notch espionage thriller by Le Carre or Deighton. Yet, at the same time, this is a visual experience. The moral and ethical elements, layered atop a story that is ripe with suspense, put to shame Hollywood’s typical ventures into this genre. Munich is an eye-opener – a motion picture that asks difficult questions, presents well-developed characters, and keeps us white-knuckled throughout.

During the film, I kept getting a shaking suspicion that I knew the actor who played Papa. In a moment of clarity, I paused the film and screamed to Rae, “It’s the bad guy from Moonraker!” Yes, Michael Lonsdale, a.k.a. Hugo Drax is still making films, twenty five years after his villanous turn in Moonraker. Interestingly enough, the next James Bond, Daniel Craig was also in Munich as a South African muscle.

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