Dia de Los Padres

We’re celebrating our one-year anniversary at our new home in Santa Clara with friends and family this weekend!

We’re having a Battlestar Galactica theme for the party and have designed an appropriate poster for the event. If you’re a veteran of Dia de los Mojitos, In Da Clubertino, Hide Your Daughters, or Pre-Heat, you know what to expect!

Party attendees, bring your swimsuit, goggles, towel, and your favorite beverage/snack/food for the grill. Free inflating/deflating service for all pool toys. Party starts at 2:00 pm and goes until 10:00 pm!

Check out our promotional video for the party:

1 thought on “Dia de Los Padres

  1. hahahahah man, a poster AND a promotional video for a house party! that is over the top. party on! :)

    hope the inflating/deflating service is done via mechanical means, and not some poor poolboy hired for just this purpose :)

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