I sense a pattern with these application names.

Timeature is coming right up on the heels of the impending Annoture 1.0 release. In the Aperture discussion forums, I’ve been tracking a growing need for users to be able to edit the image date of an imported photo. Aperture 1.0 and 1.5 haven’t let users do this, although iPhoto has a facility for modifying an image’s capture date.

I actually ran into this problem while importing — by reference — my entire photo collection of over 80,000 images. Some of my imported photos had the incorrect capture date. I had to manually remove the photos from Aperture, update the capture date using iView and reimport the photos. It was a very time consuming process. John talks more about the problem on his website.

Enter Timeature. This application will allow you to modify the capture date of selected images in Aperture. It does not change the EXIF date in the Master image file. Rather, it updates the ZIMAGEDATE field in the image version table (ZRKVERSION). The application will let you choose a specific date or adjust date by time increments — days, minutes, hours, or seconds.

Look for a release of Annoture and Timeature by the end of this weekend!

2 thoughts on “Timeature

  1. I do love the net. Thank you Adam! Now I can buy Aperture!

  2. Sjosen

    Doesn’t work for me. I get a “SQL error: near “83042E+8″: syntax error (1)”

    What at shame :(

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