6 thoughts on “Timeature 1.0.1 Updated

  1. Johan Elzenga

    I still get an AppleScripot error with version 1.02 if I try to change the data of a (referenced) file. The error reads:

    SQL error: near “835830193737E+8”: syntax error (1)

    I use an English system, but you the European date notation (dd-mm-yyyy). Perhaps that has something to do with it.

  2. I’ve been working with some other customers who have been experiencing similar issues. I’ll contact you via email.

  3. Andreas Jurecka

    Hallo Adam,

    I am new into Aperture und would love to use your really usefull programm too, but I get the same error as mentioned above by Johan.
    I am on a German system with Aperture in German too.
    If this is working out, I am more than willing to become your customer!

  4. grg

    hi there!

    i am also getting errors when using timeature with aperture 1.5.2(something like the sql-error above).
    any chances there will be a fix for the 1.5.2 in the near future?

  5. jeremix

    Hi, same problem with Aperture 1.5.2
    Is there any solution ? Thanks a lot.

  6. jon

    Hello –
    I have just started to really use Timeature, and one issue I am having –
    In the metadata inspector I can correctly change the date/time of the file so the Image Date field has the correct modified date/time;
    but when I click on EXIF in the metadata window (to bring up the checkboxes so I can choose what fields to select), the Image Date in that “window” is still the old (original) file date and does not change.

    So the file now seems to have 2 dates…
    I’m probably missing something obvious but just wondering if it is supposed to behave in this manner.
    ANy suggestions?

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