6 thoughts on “Timeature 1.0.1 Updated

  1. Johan Elzenga says:

    I still get an AppleScripot error with version 1.02 if I try to change the data of a (referenced) file. The error reads:

    SQL error: near “835830193737E+8”: syntax error (1)

    I use an English system, but you the European date notation (dd-mm-yyyy). Perhaps that has something to do with it.

  2. Andreas Jurecka says:

    Hallo Adam,

    I am new into Aperture und would love to use your really usefull programm too, but I get the same error as mentioned above by Johan.
    I am on a German system with Aperture in German too.
    If this is working out, I am more than willing to become your customer!

  3. grg says:

    hi there!

    i am also getting errors when using timeature with aperture 1.5.2(something like the sql-error above).
    any chances there will be a fix for the 1.5.2 in the near future?

  4. jon says:

    Hello –
    I have just started to really use Timeature, and one issue I am having –
    In the metadata inspector I can correctly change the date/time of the file so the Image Date field has the correct modified date/time;
    but when I click on EXIF in the metadata window (to bring up the checkboxes so I can choose what fields to select), the Image Date in that “window” is still the old (original) file date and does not change.

    So the file now seems to have 2 dates…
    I’m probably missing something obvious but just wondering if it is supposed to behave in this manner.
    ANy suggestions?

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