Pacific Time

Pacific Time on KQED

I drove up to San Francisco this morning to record a short segment for KQED’s Pacific Time (88.5 FM). Part of Thursday’s show at 6:30 pm will talk about Yul Kwon’s victory on Survivor. I was contacted by the producers on Monday after they had read my post on Yul. Over the next two days, I collected and developed my thoughts about his win and its significance to the Asian-American community. Thanks to Rae, Daniel, Felix, Mike, and Joon-Mo for their great comments and suggestions!

The recording went without a hitch, and I was in-and-out in about 30 minutes. If I sound a little nasally on the radio tomorrow, it’s because I’ve been fighting a cold for the past few days!

I’ll post a transcript of my commentary after the show airs. Check your local listings to see when Pacific Time broadcasts in your neighborhood. Otherwise, the KQED website will eventually post a link to the podcast for the show.

Moments in Radio

Adam Tow talks on Pacific Time

I’ve had some memorable radio experiences in the past. In 1990, I won tickets to the Festival of Animation at the La Jolla Museum of Contemporary Arts for being caller number eleven on B100 (now Star 100.7 in San Diego). A few years earlier, I had won the soundtrack to Good Morning Vietnam — on vinyl no less — along with four movie tickets. I even tried my hand at on-the-air singing! 91X was giving away tix to a Billy Bragg concert to the caller who could best sing Bragg’s 1991 single Sexuality. Anyone who has ever heard me sing would know this, but suffice it to say, I didn’t win the tickets. I just might have broken a few radios in San Diego along the way!

Another radio moment came in 1998, right after the Newton’s cancellation by Apple. I was interviewed by John Gordon from Minnesota Public Radio, and I think I came across as being level-headed and intelligent, not a raving Newton lunatic as others have humorously described me. Finally, when I was a Digital Vision Fellow, a group of us went to do a Tech Nation segment with Dr. Moira Gunn. However, there were six of us but only five seats in the recording room. I was the odd man out, and I spent the show photographing Stuart, Steve, Tino, Segeni, and Brij as they discussed their fellowship projects. I’ll have to say that after today, I think I like being in front of the microphone better!

Here are some photos from the recording at KQED in San Francisco today and two years ago with the Digital Vision group.


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