Photos from Star Wars Celebration IV

Adam at Celebration IV with a desert Stormtrooper

I didn’t have much time to catch up on photo processing following my return from the D Conference in San Diego. On Saturday, I shot Paul and Leeya’s wedding, and I’ve been getting my body back in shape for the Death Ride next month.

I’ve been able to go through some photos from my short time at Star Wars Celebration IV. I remember dressing up for Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones, but I’m not so sure I’d do it at an fan convention. If I did, I’ll have to improve my costume-making skills; some of the outfits were really well designed. There were plenty of older Star Wars fans who just didn’t care — you go middle-aged Queen Amidala and Princess Leia!

When we were planning our wedding, I had the idea of creating a life-sized Jabba the Hutt that I would have burst out of during the wedding reception. At Celebration IV, the giant Jabba the Hutt made me think about what could have been. For our wedding, we ended up having a large Jabba the Hutt cake, which turned out to be a hit with our guests. I shudder to think how many people a life-sized Jabba cake could have fed!

3 thoughts on “Photos from Star Wars Celebration IV

  1. DaHamster

    Adam, I got sick from eating the $8 Chinese food and the $7 tacos at the Convention Center. I hope those food vendors weren’t there. I was at the LA Convention Center a month ago for work. I had to eat at the Convention Center because I only had 30 minutes for lunch. Your Jabba pictures look great! What kind of material did they use to construct the full size Jabba? Regards,

  2. DaHamster

    BTW, your time stamp is off by an hour. Did you notice that? Have a nice day.

  3. Pesky daylight saving time!

    Jabba wasn’t soft… he was hard.

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