The Police Reunion Tour Comes to Oakland

It’s been over two decades since The Police last toured together. As you might expect, Rae is pretty excited to be going to their concert tonight at the Oakland Coliseum.

Almost seven years ago, I went with Randy to see Sting play at the Shoreline Amphitheater. It was one of the first events that I ever blogged about on this website. I still clearly remember the security people trying to stop people from bringing cameras into the event. Do they even try today with camera phones?

Pool season is officially open in Santa Clara. The weather was hot, hot, hot today, and we cooled off in our pool for an hour. We recently bought a new pool cover and are waiting for the straps to come in before we replace the old one.

1 thought on “The Police Reunion Tour Comes to Oakland

  1. DaHamster

    What a concert! However, I wonder why they had to start jamming at 9 o’clock (instead of at 8).

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