Shutter Curtain Failure


We’re having the house painted this week, and so I had this idea of doing a time-lapse sequence of the work being done on the house. I set up my 1D Mark II on a tripod by the pool, hooked up the DC coupler and the timer remote controller. Shooting at an interval of 5 seconds per photo, I figured I’d have a great sequence to share.

Hours after I set it up, I returned to see that the camera was shut down, even though the DC coupler was still firmly in place. Power cycling the camera with a battery, I realized with horror that my shutter had failed! Here are some photos of the sad, non-operational camera now. I guess it’s time to turn it into Canon for possible repair, no?

This is why you have backups… for your data and for your computer and photography equipment. You never know when something is going to break on you!

1 thought on “Shutter Curtain Failure

  1. Jeff F.

    Sorry to hear that about your shutter. For a moment I thought your sensor had broken from looking at the picture above. I suppose having a failed shutter is better than a broken sensor!

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