Verizon MiFi Disconnects Constantly in WiFi Mode

Update November 23, 2010: Updating the MiFi to firmware 7.3.11 appears to resolve these problems for me. The updater is currently available only for PCs, so Mac users will need to borrow a friend’s computer or use Fusion or Parallels to install the firmware onto their MiFi. Daniel Odio has additional details on his blog.

The following post was written using the MiFi with firmware 7.1.6. The problems listed below manifested itself for me and several other people. Read the update above on how to upgrade your MiFi to the latest firmware which has resolved the problem thus far for me.

I love the idea of the Verizon MiFi — which I bought several months ago to replace the mobile Internet solution I cobbled together a year ago — but it’s very annoying to use in practice.

I’m speaking of the constant stream of disconnects and reconnects whenever the device is being used as a 3G WiFi hotspot. This has been discussed on several threads and forums, but I have yet to see any permanent remedy to this problem.

Check out the diagram below:

Verizon MiFi Disconnect Problem

This happens on a regular basis with my Verizon MiFi 2200 running firmware 1.3.5. I have seen this problem on a MiFi 2200 running 1.2.5 firmware as well.

I’ve talked to several people who say they haven’t experienced this problem first-hand, but I suspect that it is happening; they just don’t realize it. Here are steps to verify and reproduce:

  1. Configure your MiFi so it never goes into power-savings standby mode.
  2. Turn on and connect to your MiFi.
  3. Go to the admin page at
  4. Log into the admin page.
  5. Try to enjoy the Internet.
  6. Pay close attention to the Connected Time: line on the Home screen.

When the MiFi is tethered to USB, the Connected Time: never resets to zero unless the device loses its signal. When in WiFi mode, however, the device is constantly disconnecting and reconnecting for no particular reason, just like the screenshots above. Sometimes, the device works for just a minute or two before it disconnects; other times, it can work for ten to twenty minutes at a time. In rare situations, I’ve seen it connected for over an hour.

Big deal, you might say, if the device reconnects after dropping the connection. You might change your mind if you are:

  • Uploading files to the Internet
  • Using a web site that expects your IP address to stay consistent for the duration you’re logged in.
  • Watching a video or following a live stream.

You are hosed if your Internet connection goes down in any of these situations. With the MiFi, you’re constantly having to re-upload files, reload web pages, or log in again. Eventually, you give up and tether the device to your laptop. If you do that, however, you lose the ability to share the MiFi to other devices unless your computer has the ability to share its Internet connection through WiFi. Yet, this defeats the whole purpose of having a MiFi in the first place!

Clearly, the device can keep a connection when tethered via USB. So, why is this happening in WiFi mode? I’m curious to hear from other Verizon MiFi users to see if this is happening to them. Even if you don’t believe it’s happening, I bet it is. Trust but verify! Perform the steps above and report back!

94 thoughts on “Verizon MiFi Disconnects Constantly in WiFi Mode

  1. Craig

    I’ve been having the same problem and I’ve only had my MIFI for a week now. I’ve called Verizon support 4 times about the problem and they couldn’t help. The lady was totally surprised when I told her that this seems ro be a systemic problem as I’ve read about this issue on the forums. She was even more shocked when I told her that the forums I was reading was Verizon’s and that this issue has been around for a year with no solution. Wish I could tell you how I fixed it, but mine still sucks. I think a Class Action lawsuit should be in order if Verizon is knowingly selling faulty equipment. Good luck!

  2. Allison Hansen

    Ive had the device for over a year, and have basically just suffered through the disconnects. My boyfriend and i were so excited to get this device(previously we had two seperate contracts and USB devices) especially so he could work from home. unfortunately he has to sign into a VPN tunnel so each time the device disconnects he has to completely login again, basically not allowing him to ge any work done. The device will disconnect as much as every 5 minutes. And the same thing with Verizon support, they know nothing about the device and are very surprised to hear about the issue hundreds are reporting on the verizon forum. something definately is odd about the company reporting nothing of the problem. ive spent hours scouring the internet for a solution to no avail. I have no next move.

    1. Nicolas

      Hello Allison,
      Are you still receiving this problem? I know this is a very late response (more than 2 years) but I am conducting an experiment on some of these faulty verizion devices. Please let know if you have changed devices or had to replace the Novatel MiFi device.



      1. jb

        2019 constant disconnects from the beginning using a mexico carrier

    2. Sara

      I’m having the same issue, especially when it comes to VPN(ing) from home or a hotel.

    3. Joshua

      Same problem. My MiFi just loves to drop into dormant state, and it is so irritating, especially when I am using the device. For no reason, it just disconnects and reconnects, and while I am online gaming, it will just drop me from the service for absolutely no reason. It needs a serious fix, because i know its not just losing reception.

  3. Delos Wilbur

    Any updates on this, I have the same problem. The tech I talked to told me it’s because I am trying to do constant type activity while on wifi, that should only be done on tethered, but the device is not made for it anyway and I shouldn’t be doing it at all.

    I had absolutely no problems for over a month, then this started…

  4. I don’t have any updates for you. It still happens to me, so if I’m doing anything mission critical, I’m tethering the MiFi. :(

    1. Nicolas

      Hello Adam,
      Are you still receiving this problem? I know this is a very late response (more than 2 years) but I am conducting an experiment on some of these faulty verizion devices. Please let know if you have changed devices or had to replace the Novatel MiFi device.



  5. Delos

    Thanks for replying. That is really too bad, I was so excited about this device, seemed too good to be true….guess it was

  6. Mike

    Same problem here.. It gets extremely bad at times, disconnects every few minutes.
    This is insane.. Verizon – we’re paying you lots of $ every month for this and its essentially useless. Please at least respond to your customers even if you dont have a fix yet…

  7. Michael Williams

    I got the MiFi a month ago and it constantly loses internet connection, especially if it is plugged in and hot from charging. average is about .3mb download. It only works good if it has been off for some time until it starts getting hot. Simply stated, I had more reliable service with Juno dial-up which is sad considering I invest over $60 a month to get a level of internet service common in 1995. I am sick of hearing the “speed depends on the number of users on the network” crap. It uses its own cell connection so it is not MY bandwidth that is the problem it is the lousy service and hardware that slows as it progressively gets hotter. I live in an area that has good cellular service. The thing that really burns my ass is that I have a contract that will hammer me to break.

  8. Thomas N

    I have the same problem with disconnects. I’ve tried everything on the net. I went the longest, almost 300 hours, and I thought, “Gosh, maybe Verizon fixed it!” Nope, I was wrong.
    I have to reboot and turn off the mi-fi and tun it on to get going again.
    It is a PIA!

  9. Mark M

    I have only had the mifi since Saturday and am using it for internet access at my home since my local ISP went out of business. I am using it as a hotspot for a desktop using a Linksys usb network adapter and also as a hotspot for a wireless card in a Dell laptop. My observation has been that when my wife has been on the desktop and myself on the laptop at the same time, she has had several dropped connections while I have not had any that I know of. Seems to be a problem in my case between the desktop and mifi instead of a mifi problem.

  10. Peter Harwerth

    WARNING Do not buy VERIZON MFI without a contract

    Last year I bought a Verizon MIFI device without a contract. I paid the higher price for the device because I intended to use it only seasonaly.

    When I suspended the service in may this year the verizon website did not offer an option for customers without a contract. I could choose between a 30 day suspension with billing thereafter or a 3 month suspension without billing. My intention was to not use the device because we would be staying in Canada for 5-6 months. So none of the given options applied to me. It was clear to me that both options would only apply to customers with a contract. So I choose the one month option, assuming that billing would result in $0,00 bills or no bills at all, since I indeed did not use the device.

    When I today logged in to my account I was horrified to discover that a $400 bill had been racked up. I do not feel any legal obligation to pay this bill, as I do not have any contract. Speaking to customer service today did not help as Verizon says they will continue to demand that bill be paid. I can only warn other customers against trying to use MIFI seasonal. Verizon seems only to accept a 3 month suspension even without having a contract!!!

    1. Natalie

      I have the same problem. I don’t use this devise during 1 year… but Verizen insist that I have to pay every month. I’m going to sue them …

  11. Lukas

    I have the Sprint version of this device (also MiFi 2200), I also have the same disconnection problem — doubtful that the fault can be attributed to Verizon. I’m guessing it’s a software problem or some sort of bug in the algorithm that determining QoS causing the software decide to drop the connection. Novatel Wireless makes and provides the core software for these devices — so they would probably have to fix this annoying problem.

  12. Karen

    I’ve had my mifi for about a year and am very frustrated that I cannot watch any streaming videos. 5 seconds is all that plays. I am able to access the internet okay. But I think that paying $60 a month I should be able to watch videos!

  13. Sam Katz

    Some thoughts:
    1. Are you on a Mac or PC? If PC, are you using a client other than the Windows one? (branded Dell) for instance. This can cause disconnects on *any* wi-fi connection.
    2. Also, did it happen after a firmware update?


  14. The news today is that Verizon is going to be selling the iPad. The idea that it needs to be coupled with a Mi-Fi. Unfortunately, I don’t think users are going to be happy with this solution UNLESS Verizon solves the Mi-Fi random disconnect problem.

  15. Glenn

    My reason for buying a Verizon MIFI is a little different but I have experienced the same problem with disconnects. I have a mountain home with no local ISP but (oddly) very good Verizon 3G coverage. I wanted to install an internet-enabled thermostat (from Ecobee) to save energy and remotely control and monitor my home’s HVAC. It communicates via WPA over WiFi and transmits about 3MB of data to a hosted web server each month. So I coupled it with the MiFi device…seemingly a great solution for my needs. I learned quickly that the MiFi will not maintain the connection for longer than 2-3 days without physically reseting the power button which requires my physical presence…hence defeating the purpose! Verizon tech support rep said they reset the connection once per day but it may not come back automatically. Didn’t offer me a solution other than pressing the power button…
    Still looking for a solution and hopefully a better answer from Verizon.
    I’m an AT&T wireless subscriber (for phones) and this is my first experience with Verizon. Pretty poor first impression!!

  16. Glenn: Are you using the MiFi all by itself or is it plugged into a computer at the mountain home?

    I wonder if you would have this problem if you plugged the MiFi into a device like a CradlePoint CTR350? The CTR350 is an WiFi/EVDO router that requires a USB modem. You would plug the MiFi into the CTR350 and the latter will start and restart the connection up. Maybe that could be a solution?

  17. Same problem. Had it for a year and I thought there was a fix. Am I hearing there is no fix? Maybe this is a hardware issue? What does Verizon say?

  18. Dale

    I have the same issue with my Verizon mifi especially when it is plugged into the A/C adapter. It also will not reconnect for a long time.

  19. […] the MiFi wireless 3G hotspot. Unless Verizon and Novatel (makers the MiFi firmware) have solved MiFi WiFi disconnect problem, there are going to be a lot of unhappy […]

  20. Verizion’s MiFi is the only internet I can get were I live. To bad it is over priced and slow. In the past few weeks I have been disconnected every 20-30 seconds. I have called several times and have a ticket open. It don’t seem like they care at all. Please help us Google :)

    1. This might be a very late response, but I just totally let go of Verizon’s mifi and am getting check it out,

  21. Dan

    Same problem here. Works fine when tethered, constant disconnects when using MiFi. If it weren’t for the early termination fee, I’d cancel today. Need to decide whether to suffer with crappy service until contract over or bite the bullet, pay ETF. Thanks for nothing Verizon!

  22. Tom

    I have had this problem and am on my 4th device, some of the tech people believing the others were defective. Recently, I have been advised that there is a dormancy period programmed into the MiFi. It will disconnect from the internet when its period is up, and you will have to manually power it down and then up to get back on. In other words, if you are not using the internet for an undisclosed period of time, it disconnects. I was given an email address for Novatel and was told to ask them how long a dormancy period is programmed into the device. What I don’t understand is why some people have never had this problem with this device and we do. There is no answer here from what I can tell.

  23. Kevin H

    There is firmware version 159 available.
    Have you guys tried that?
    I personally didn’t experience this issue.
    I have problems with my Dell WiFi adapter on my laptop but not on MiFi itself.
    My WiFi connection from my laptop disconnects itself sometimes. Very annoying.
    In fact the behavior is similar to what you guys are describing with MiFi.
    This is connecting to my home WiFi router and not MiFi.
    I would at least try and upgrade firmware to firmware 159.

  24. This problem has been fixed! Thanks to Adam for helping with the fix. Details on the fix (and the process surrounding how we got there) at

  25. Cynthia

    Disconnect is not my issue. Got the MiFi unit in January, 2010, and had excellent service in WiFi mode until the afternoon of 11/12/10. It was as if someone flipped a switch, and the three computers that use it don’t pick up WiFi signal as available when located in its usual spot. If we move the Wifi close enough to one computer to receive full WiFi signal, then the other two register zero WiFi signal. Verizon techs are clueless – to the extent that one told me to go to their website for support materials (without access to the internet). Last I was told was I would have to e-mail Novatel with my issue – way to pass the buck. BTW, I have the 7.3.11 version of VZAccess, AND have received a remanufactured unit – still searching for my original quality of service, and I am not giving up!
    Interestingly the second-to-last Verizon tech I spoke to told me that they have Broadband (hi-speed) and National Access (original, slow) available and all of their equipment is backwards compatible. It was her opinion that for some reason the MiFi is no receiving the Broadband signal, but rather the slower, less powerful signal – an issue with their service from their end. Then the last tech I talked to passed the buck to Novatel – and I have to contact them. Makes me wonder . . .

  26. I’m going to have an update on my MiFi disconnect issue soon. Been testing the new firmware described in Daniel’s note above.

  27. Richard

    My MiFi worked perfectly for over a year, the three days ago started constantly reconnecting. I upgraded to and firmware to 159 and ISO on the card. No luck. While tethered it works perfectly, but once I goto Wifi mode instantly reconnects every 45 seconds.

  28. Jodie

    I have also been having the disconnect problem. I cannot reconnect at my laptop. I have to reset the mifi card every time. I called Verizon and they told me that my laptop dial up program was the problem. Does anyone beleive this and how to fix it? I would cancel the service if it weren’t for the early termination fees.

  29. Mike

    Mifi works fine with laptop but continuously disconnects from ITouch.
    Connects fine at first, as soon as I open APP e.g. Urban Spoon etc. it disconnects and blocks reconnect for about 90 sec.
    Got newest Firmware upgrade and software on Itouch and MIFI.
    SOOO annoying.
    Anybody else have this problem?

  30. Brian

    I’m having issued with MiFi. I thought it would be an upgrade. I live in a rural area with no other choices. Support has been terrible on this issue, passing me from one person to the next. Verizon needs to fess up and just let us all know that it really doesn’t work properly. I’m glad I saw these posts, I know I’m not alone. Plus the support people talk to me like I’m some kind of computer expert. Shouldn’t they be the expert helping those of us who just want a better internet connection?
    Being put on hold for nearly an hour is ridiculous too!

  31. Zak

    There are some things to keep in mind when using the MiFi 2200.

    1) Using MiFi as a wireless device will work on any computer as long as you have a wireless card in your desktop (laptops already have this). You do not need to use Verizon Manager when in wireless mode as your computer will recognize the MiFi as a network, no different than if you were at a coffee house, jumping onto their network.

    2) If using it tethered to your laptop (PC or Macbook), via USB connection, then you use VZManager. Note: the MiFi will not work if your computer is 64 Bit. You must rebook your computer to 32 Bit. For Macbooks, simply restart while holding down the “3” & “2” keys. For the life of me, I cannot figure out why Verizon has not addressed this (actually why the maker has not addressed this). Yet that said, I use my MiFi more wirelessly than I do tethered via USB.

    This is my 2nd MiFi, the 1st died within 7 months. Verizon was good & quick to replace it, but the new one keeps getting hung up and both the power light & signal light stay green.

    I did a speed test on my MiFi and got a very dissapointing .14 Mbps upload & .29 download. Yet, I’m paying $59/mo for 3 Mbps. I’ve also noticed lately that my Droid X with Verizon is really, really slow. So, I think something is up with the network.


  32. Zak


    Just read your post. I don’t mean to belittle you, just covering the bases, see if any of my experience may help. If you call support, make sure (which I’m sure you did) you’re actually talking to Tech Support. In my initial dealings with Verizon, it was a general rep who tried to address my issues, using some steps in a manual. She finally passed me onto Tech Support.

    As for your signal strength, I too am suffering that. I’ve been a Verizon member for 10+ years. I’m really starting to think this is a device issue with the maker because it’s very surprising that the new firmware is not available for Mac users

    I will say, when I had the small white USM Thumbdrive Wireless from Verizon, it outperformed the MiFi, and that may be a better option for you.

    Provide more info on what your experiencing if you can, help to see your issue better.

  33. Zak

    Hi All,

    Update on my end. I followed Adam’s article. I just had my MiFi replaced as the 1st one died. I use a Macbook Pro 13″, but have my hard drive partition for both Mac OS & Windows 7.

    I decided to open VZManager (it’s on my Mac side) to see what “build” or firmware I have. Mind you, this is the replacement Verizon just sent me. My firmware was 7.0.2

    I decided to take Adam’s steps, but install VZManager on my Windows side of my drive. The newest firmware is 7.3.1… and when I got to the download page at Verizon, even the Mac firmware is up to 7.2.2. So, obviously, the firmware on my new MiFi is out of date. The download page is

    If you update the firmware, follow the steps. If you have VZManager already, you’ll have to uninstall it prior to installing the new version. Yet, that said, download the new version first and save. Then uninstall the older version

    1) Download new version
    2) Save to file or Download folder
    3) Uninstall old VZM
    4) Connect your MiFi to your computer via USB – I decided to do this on my own, figuring it was the natural thing to do, and if they download process didn’t like that, it would let me know. Well, it worked out okay.
    5) Open (Run) new VZM
    6) Just follow the steps of the install wizard

    I just conducted a Ping test and my upload/download speeds….far better than before. I was rating a D before, now I’m rating a B grade.

    If your a Mac user you can definitely upgrade to the newer version 7.2.2. If you’ve partitioned your Mac drive for both OS & Windows, then you must decide which newer firmware you want (which operating system are you most like to surf). That said, I haven’t had any issues using the MiFi on either OS.

    Hope this helps

  34. Tom M.

    Thanks for your blog post here. Just went searching for a fix to this issue that I have suddenly begun experiencing for the last couple of weeks with my Verizon MiFi. I had never upgraded the software or firmware since purchase a year ago (Jan 2010).

    I had Verizon Access Manager version (2303c) with firmware version Q6085BDRAGONFLY_V124 [Jan 13 2009 16:20:34] on the device before I upgraded based on your suggestion and now have Verizon Access Manager version 7.13.1 (2635a) with firmware Q6085BDRAGONFLY_V167.029 [Oct 02 2010 23:03:22].

    So I hope it fixes the issue! I must say that the only other thing that changed during this period, that I was afraid was the culprit, was I added a new gigabit wireless-N router to my home (TP-LINK WR-1043ND). I’m using it in repeater mode to repeat my MiFi connection to my other wireless and wired computers in the house. Works great…WHEN the MiFi is connected! Again, hopefully this will fix the issue and I’ll have stable connections. Will report back with a status shortly.


  35. Tom M.

    Well, reporting back. No real changed after firmware upgrade. I do think it is better, but still several disconnects all the time.
    In looking at the usage at, in looking at the detail view, I can easily see all the disconnects, as it logs a new entry for each connection. Does everyone else see this same issue? Several per day.
    I need to talk to Verizon support and show them this billing data as proof of the disconnects. And for my power settings, I have “enter standby” set to “never”…

  36. Seth

    My MiFi also has a mind of it’s own in regards to it’s connection to the Verizon network. It at times seems like too much network activity actually prompts it to disconnect, such as opening too many links in my browser at the same time. I would think if it was a issue with the modem going “dormant” that I wouldn’t be disconnected while receiving streaming audio or video feeds, or playing multi-player games as I often do which send a continuous stream of data. I’ve also noticed that although I’ve set the modem to connect automatically via the “Advanced Settings” dialogue I still have to manually connect the modem to the Verizon network. I haven’t even attempted to contact Verizon in regards to this issue as I know well how they operate. Very annoying considering the “Broadband” price tag; I guess they figure if you’re using their data modems that you can’t get anything better, so they can turn you upside down and give you a shake so to speak. Also I’ve noticed an inconsistency of the cellular signal to my device, sometimes I have to move it to around in a fashion reminiscent of rabbit ears on television sets of the 80’s. I know the cellphone towers aren’t moving around my house so why am I having to constantly move my device to achieve a decent signal? Also I’ve noticed the tendency of the device to completely lose it’s EvDO signal and lock onto the 1xRTT network of which I have to force my modem to disconnect from before it will even detect the EvDO signal again, very very frustrating at times. Verizon has seriously dropped the ball on this one and they could care less because this isn’t a majority problem.

  37. Susan Knorr

    I just got the MiFi. I wish I had found this site before. It has been 2 months and it has been nothing but trouble. The Tech advice is always different. Use it WiFi no tether it. I am now stuck unless I pay for an early cancellation fee. I can’t imagine being stuck with this for 2 years. I have always loved Verizon. Not anymore.

  38. Aaron

    I got the new 4G LTE and its doing exactly what everyone is saying here. Any new news on these issues? I am going to hit “post comment” and most likely need to reconnect to my hotspot before I can post. HAHAHAHAH POS

  39. susan

    It’s july 2011, they haven’t fixed the problem yet! Iv’e had this sorry thing for 2 months and call them at least 5 times a week. I would call more often but am to upset. The only thing I can use with it is my IPad, no problem with it. When I do get on the net I always have poor signal strength, unless i’m talking to them, then it’s fair. They asked me over the phone where I get these poor and fair info. I tell them that I left click my bars on the desk top. You see , it has taken me 2 months to be able to get onto for easy access manager. They suspended me for 3 days (they say 1), and they wont tell me why. I have noticed if I say anything derogatory about them, the next time I try to log in I can’t. So I hope this site (verizon), will fix my problem. Who wants terrible stuff written about them ? right?

  40. Leo

    I called verizon support and found the solution for my problem. All I needed to do was remove the SIM card, wait 10 seconds, then put it back in. After that, it never drops again. The tech person said by removing the SIM, it resets the cell towers it’s connected to. The number I called is 866-221-4096. Call them because they need to do something on their side too.

  41. Dennis

    I may have found a quick fix to the Verizon Mifi4501L dropout problem. It seems the Mifi will not dropout if the computer is running XP software? I have a old XP computer on and connected then my Vista computer runs at full speed without dropouts. Dennis

  42. Dave A

    I’m also having the same problem when using the 2200 in WiFi. I normally use it directly connected to my laptop, but wanted to take advantage in its ability to handle 3 devices in my home.
    Today I set up a Roku went wireless with my laptop. My WiFi is now dropping about every 90-120 seconds. It worked pretty good the whole time I used it directly connected to the laptop…but now…trying to stay connected wireless is beyond frustrating to accomplish anything.

    1. Dave A

      I also notice how hot this thing gets. In fact the other day I was at a local Verizon store and spoke with one of the customer reps about the way it get hot. I suggested that device should have some sort of finned heat sink, perhaps with a fan or something. She said that she never received any complains about the heat generated by the 2200. I think that this is a problem they just are not addressing. After all, the device is marketed to be compact and carry around in your pocket.

      It’s much hard to sell consumers on this… if its attached to a finned aluminum or copper cooler and fan combo like a desktop utilizes. Not exactly pocket sized.

      Just for my own curiosity, I think I’m gong to try a fan and cooler and see if the reduced heat changes the way this device drops. I wonder if the heat itself could be the hidden factor.

  43. I haven’t had connection problems since updating the firmware, but lately I’ve noticed that the device is not respecting my /etc/host file changes. I think it’s something Verizon is doing on their end with DNS. Bummer.

    1. nomaded

      @Adam, if you have recently upgraded to Lion, chances are very good that Lion is the source of your problems with /etc/hosts. Lion has changed (again) how it does name resolution.

  44. Steve

    I am so frustrated by the frequency of disconnects that i want my tether back. Shame on me for signing up for two years, shame on them for an inferior product. I WILL take the penalty and terminate my contract after four months. DO NOT BUY, it may bite you in the %$@

  45. Joe Crotty

    This product is junk, we constantly lose our connection and we are constantly speaking to verizons tech support. Verizons solution is basically always the same restart your wifi, restart your computer, they just came out with a software update and it didn’t help at all. I’m kind of surprised I can be in a major city (Miami) and then best service I get is 3G with constant lost connections. Time for a class action, any attorneys out there listening ?????????

  46. User

    Yes, mifi is terrible. Company provided for me so that is what I have to use. As a consumer it will be a very long time before I purchase any service from Verizon again. Their home internet is bad at best, their service is terrible (and I mean terrible, just terrible), and the wireless devices (at least in SoCal) barely work.

    I’m guessing there must be other parts of the country where they either have a monopoly or better connections because they are definitely not staying in business based on customer service.

  47. Will

    Just bought my myfi ths month, its dropped internet since the day i got it, called them every F’n day to talk to someone especially because you have a 14 day money back. So on the 14th day verizon tech tells me to go get another unit before i get locked in the contract….well todays the 27th, bought it on the 7th and I shouldve stayed with the cable company ( which is a monopoly in NH where I live, you have no choice BUT to go with them or buy something like the myfi)….at least their internet worked, was fast and reliable. It just blows me away there are hundreds, thousands of people whit this issue yet when you call an explain theyre all like ” huh? well thats strange”….
    Riiight Im sure this is a 1st for you guys. I cant believe how BS this company is, freakin multi billion dollar company and they could give 2 F’s

  48. nomaded

    For me, the problems with the hotspot access on the Mifi started only a few months ago. I’ve used it for over a year now with no real problems – well, other than not actually turning off when all its LEDs indicate that it is off.

    When connected directly to my MacBook, it seems to work solidly and consistantly. There are times that the Mifi will work fine while in hotspot mode. Luckily, the latest VZAccess Manager for OSX will work with both Snow Leopard and Lion in 64bit mode. I guess I’ll be tethering it on a more regular basis now.

  49. negin woods

    same problem. same “huh? thats weird response”. Now I see many people have this damn problem. Keeps dropping to the point that its not usable. I updated the driver which helped a little. They are trying to tell me its my computers problem.

  50. Ted Johnson

    I’ve had mine for more than 6 months (Mac OSX) and it drops several times a week. Sometimes I have to reenter the password which really annoys me.

    One thing I discovered is that if the modem is in the sun, the heat will cause it to drop. But that’s not the only time it stops working. I had hoped to share the MiFi with another user to cut costs, but the other user found it too frustrating and got DSL. Tanks, Verizon.


    Glad to read others are having the same issues as I – Sorry to hear others having the same issues as I.
    I am weighing a decision of paying $130.00 to cancel or continue putting up with the frustration.
    I use the MiFi with my I-Pad and my lap-top – what I had not checked is making sure one or the other is turned off when using the MiFi and I will try that tonight – in other words use it with the lap-top or with the I-pad, but not both at the same time.
    I experience the worst connectivity when using the MiFi with Skype or FaceTime – but each time I’ve had both units on, so I wonder if it can really handle more than one item switched on at same time – when I bought it, I had been advised that it could handle up to 4 items, I “interpreted” that as saying “at the same time” – but that is what I get for trusting what is being said for factual information –
    If I was shopping for it today, I would pass.
    The only reason I bought it is because I did away with my land-line and decided to go wireless – investigation advised that Verizon had better coverage in my area than ATT (although my I-phone is with ATT) – I am seriously thinking of buying a 5G monthly package for my I-pad with ATT and give the MiFi a ByFi.

    BTW – I am having to pay a $20.00 over usage charges because of the disconnectivity – by that I mean that because it would disconnect, I would have to re-start the downloads each time from the beginning – did they offer to waive the charges???? Are you kidding……

    Anyone out there with any sort of inkling to buy a MiFi……….pass on it if you can.
    Frustrated in southeastern Indiana –

  52. Sara

    Thanks so much, Daniel. I recently switched out my Laptop to on that is running Windows 7. The MiFi was running a little buggy. Then, in the last week, since Windows updated w/several security patches, it was dropping the connection repeatedly and I had to reboot the modem in order to reestablish the connection. It got so that I couldn’t get a page to load at all. I realized that I hadn’t actually connected the modem directly to the laptop at all, allowing it to update since I purchased it a year ago. There were a lot of updates that it needed. Lesson learned. Like any hardware, these little modems need regular updates in order to keep up w/the rest of the software updates on your computer. Can’t really blame Verizon when it doesn’t work right, if we don’t do proper maintenance. I will knock Verizon for not having techs available that can just tell us this when we start encountering problems however. Why don’t they have proper technical support for the MiFi?

  53. robert

    i have had my mifi2200 now for over a year and it sucks everytime i turn it off and then turn it on it will eat up 15 mb and thats a shame on how verizon will steal from us pay attention to your usage you will see what im talking about

  54. Kathi Callick

    I upgraded my MiFi to the 4G Model as soon as it was available (November 2011) in my primitive area. I realize I am on the very border of range for the Verizon signal as the closest tower is 17 1/4 miles away. I too have experienced the disconnect issue as long as I have owned this model. I may have found a fix by using double sided mounting tape and affixing my MiFi directly to the window where it is much cooler. Time will tell, but it was certainly worth a try. I also purchased the window mount antenna. I will repost after giving this a decent try. Today is February 15, 2012. I will note my calendar to repost in a week. I must say that Verizon tech support has tried everything in their power to resolve this issue for me. Wouldn’t you know I got the idea while trying to think of a way to keep the unit cool. Sometimes all the tech support in the world isn’t the answer. I am curious to know if I will need to move the MiFi as the weather warms up.

  55. Kathi Callick

    I said I would post again after I gave window mounting a try. Apparently my problem is the battery heating up. Now I have to reset the MiFi every morning, and several more times throughout the day. Talked with tech support who advised they will be sending a new battery and it should be here tomorrow. Window mounting did increase the amount of time I was able to use the MiFi just because it kept the battery cooler for a longer period of time.

  56. Adam Block

    We were using a Verizon MiFi 4g at a GE faciclity, as subcontractors, then all of a sudden the signal went down the tube. I had to drive outside the building to secure a signal, and by the time I got in it was gone. It turns out that the MIFI hotspot was interferring with GE equipment and they started jamming us, (as told to me by GE personnel) Has anyone else had conflicts with their 4g MiFis interferring with other peoples signals?

  57. lacey

    I am very upset! I bought this thinking it would be great. Now here i am with many online assignments that are due tomorrow and I cant do them! The mifi connected perfectly the first week but now it only connects randomly. I paid $480 out of pocket for my class and Verizon mifi is gonna cause me to fail and waste my money! I have 3 children and its hard enough as it is!

  58. Merlin

    My Mifi 2200 was excellent and was so good is why we upgraded to 4510L. I am so frustrated with this piece of junk and the lack of support by VZ, that I will now make the switch to AT&T for my phone and the local ISP for Internet. Maybe losing customers is all they will understand.

  59. Teresa

    I finally got a high level tech representative that I believe has fixed my problem with the myfi. I have had 4 different devices since last November, 2 air cards and 2 wifi’s, all with the same dropping connection every few minutes and unavailable for hours.
    I have talked with about 10 different tech reps and finally a tech named Katy has fixed the problem.
    She had me go to http://www.vz.hotspot and under Network and WWAN she had me change setting to CDMA Auto. she explained the drops are coming from the device going from 3G to 4G and this will stop it. It will always just be 3G.
    Since I’m not technical and can’t remember all the steps, I would recommend you call a Verizon tech for help with this. Good luck, Katy is now my best friend.

  60. The correct website address does not have www.

    It is….. http://vz.hotspot

  61. grey

    this f’n sob dropped me 3 times just reading the postings above. the shortest reconnect time was almost 4 min,I timed it. this thing SUX!

  62. SANDRA

    I’ve had my MiFi 2200 since March 2011 and have had all the above problems. I’ve spent up to 4 hrs on the phone with these same issues. Now, because I live on the border of New York and Canada with 7 miles of water separating us, I’m accumulating roaming chgs to the tune of $150-200/mo. When this first started in June 2011, I called and they told me to just call every month and they would deduct the chg. However, this became a serious pain in the backside, so I contacted tech suppt who immediately blocked all this nonsense. this workd fine until June2012, when they tried to activate the 4G LTE device. We spent over a week, 2 sim cards mailed to me and a refurbished unit, only to fail to activate time after time. Consequently, I had my 3G reactivated and I’m now roaming again. I have called several times to have them fix this again, only to be told there is no way of doing this. Now according to a supervisor at Verizon, my MiFi will flash green when not roaming and blue when it is. She suggested I shut down when its blue…NOT.. I don’t pay $80/mo to have them tell me when to use my net. I’ve taken the device to an area where I was closer to Canada and it did flash blue indicating it was roaming, so it is working. Now I’m trying to figure out why Canada is chging Verizon roaming when I’m obviously not. Last month when I called to have $149.70 roaming removed from my bill I was told they would no longer do this for the fight ensued… I won, this time but not sure what future holds. I did tell them if they didn’t fix this problem so I could use my net that I would drop their service and they could eat the remainder of the contract because I would not pay it. I pay cash for everything and have no need for credit, so send it where ever it makes them feel good. She then told me they would let me out of the contract. So, to all of you having problems who might like to get out of your contract..try this..I’m thinking they are well aware of this huge issue and realize they could easily have a class action suit against them and forgiving a few contracts might just be the cheapest way out for them. Good Luck to you all.. I’m going satellite…but not HughesNet

  63. cliff

    I had the legacy alltel usb modem and it worked fairly well. Sometimes it would hang so I would reactivate. I got a MIFI because the alltel was going away. What a mistake. the MIFI constantly disconnects…slows down to .14 mbs. I am going to run some experiments like pulling the SIM card, tying a heat sink. I think MIFI is junk. I am running old XP software. My daughter said she has no problems with Windows-7 using a second MIFI (we have two). Hmm.

    1. Nicolas

      Hello Cliff,
      Are you still receiving this problem? I know this is a very late response but I am conducting an experiment on some of these faulty verizion devices. Please let know if you have changed devices or had to replace the Novatel MiFi device.



  64. Corrie

    I am appalled at how long people have been having these problems and verizon still thinks they can charge ridiculous Early Termination Fees! I have their MiFi 4G system which I finally found out was only 3G! The speed is incredabley slow, constantly disconnects, has very inconsistent connectivity, and causes me extreme stress! I have been through all the troubleshooting processes and rec’d a new simcard, but nothing works. I do not want to ‘fix’ it somehow myself. I want a refund. I want to go with a local internet service I can depend on w/o having to pay verizons ETF! Why do I HAVE to keep a defective unreliable system because of an unreasonable $fee when I am so unhappy?! Yes, there should be a class action suit & I want in! Is there any way out of these fees? Is verizon ignoring these issues because we end up paying overage fees since it is not unlimited useage? HELP!

  65. “Verizon MiFi Disconnects Constantly in WiFi Mode | tow.
    com” was indeed a pretty awesome post, .
    Keep posting and I’m going to continue browsing! Thanks a lot -Luther

  66. Simba

    I know its quite a late response, but make sure from the device manager that your network card is not set to “power save”, because as soon as it goes down, your connection is dropped. Also, if there is any specific frequency set e.g. 20MHz, select the ‘auto’ option (most manufacturers provide that) instead of a specific frequency selection.

    1. Simba

      I wanted to be more specific, so I am adding a self-reply:

      From device manager, go to your network card, double-click on it and check the tabs. One of the tabs would have these settings that I am referring to.

  67. Donata

    i live rural-no service for internet but verizon using mifi. had a 3g device first-worked fine at first but after awhile it started getting slower and dropping. checked computer-fine. checked mifi-they said we needed to upgrade to 4g to solve issues. worked fine at first-slowly got slower-now drops like crazy. called verizon. took me thru all sorts of checks-said they would call me back. did not. i finally called them back. finally, they told me ‘foliage’ was my problem. i thought i hadn’t heard right, so asked for repeat-foliage, as in LEAVES! then they said if i didn’t like the service they would cancel w/o charging penalty but i had to do it that day, right now. covering their ass if u ask me. b.s. they know i have no alternative.

    1. Stacy

      They just pulled the same thing on me! I contacted the BBB and filed a complaint. I just can’t win with Verizon. First the Mifi worked great for the first six months then they did an update. With in days I was going over data like crazy. Even when the device was unplugged, battery removed, and turned off! This thing even turned it self back on!!!! Finally then sent me a refurbished POS device. The 890L and this device keeps turning off! However, wouldn’t you know that this stupid device will not work in a 3g area. I am like you Donata, I live in a rural area. However, that gives them no right to send us equipment that will not work in our area. Verizon found out in Aug. of 2012 that this device is best used in an area that gets 3g/4g both! Not for those of us who only get 3g. I can’t believe they get away with ripping people off so much!

  68. ann

    I am so relieved to find others talking about my experience. No help from Verizon. My troubles began with the hp netbook (mini 311). Thought the MiFi device could be a workable substitute. Instead, just doubled the expenses, problems. Expenses paid in blood, sweat, tears and way too much in monthly charges. 4 devices. I use two. The Android works unless I want to use it to make a phone call. Then it gets rapidly hot enough to burn my hand.
    The netbook became a halftime job during 2010 – 2011. Daily bluescreens. Relentless connection problems — disconnects after few minutes or can’t connect at all or rapid alternating between connect-disconnects. Tech support guy in Jan or Feb 2011 exclaimed, “Wow!! Look at that!” He finally suggested turning off VZAccess manager. I have 100’s of files showing detailed screenshots.
    • “Your computer is trying to use a DNS server that is incorrect or doesn’t exist”
    • VZAccess Manager window:
    Connection failed – The modem (or other connecting device) is already in use or is not configured properly. Error 633

    Then, last year the netbook spat out a 70+ page SMART report. It clearly says hard drive bad/needs replacement (dated months prior to when I acquired it)! I also have a log from VZ Access manager. It lists panic events dating to before I purchased the pc.
    It’s difficult to be succinct. I will call the BBB and am all for a class action suit. So frustrated when getting nowhere through YEARS of lengthy phone calls, chats, going in to the stores for face to face help. Think I’ll end my connection w/them tomorrow. I’ll settle for any service that isn’t verizon.
    Thanks to all who posted.

    1. Stacy

      Hi Ann,

      The BBB just helped me finish a complaint with Verizon (overcharging, data plan, corp. discounts) any way be really careful there are stages and loop holes planted in that process to benefit Verizon. Nothing to do with the BBB, and they are AWESOME! Now that I have that issue done I can now move on with another complaint against them for the mifi device! I am now going on my 17th replacement! Ugh!

  69. David

    My 4260L kept dropping the connection. Finally, I let it run the battery down to 0%, I removed the battery and kept it all unplugged for about half-an-hour (5 minutes oughtta be enough). I’ve not had a problem since. So my guess is, battery issues. It’s a similar battery to my DroidX2, which has similar weird battery issues.

  70. Savannah

    DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY ON VERIZON MIFI!!! My husband bought a PS3 so he could play Black Ops II online with some friends but we found out that we cannot get internet to support gaming where we live…so our only choice was the mobile jetpack. Since we already have smart phones with them we added it and went from paying $160 a mth to $325+ taxes and fees and it doesn’t even work most of the time!! My husband can’t even get online to play because it constantly says he has been signed out or has no connection. When by chance he does get to play it lags so bad that he can’t even play!!! To put it simple…we are moving so that we can get Charter…and yes our cell phones are going too!!!! OVERPRICED JUNK!!!

  71. Dave

    I have had them (wifi) since Verizon introduced them. They are junk. I have had at least 5 of them (Verizon keeps replacing them saying they are faulty) but they all do the same thing. Constant disconnects and freeze-ups. Or just shuts off completely at random. I have jumped through every imaginable hoop they offer. Verizon tech is on my speed-dial it is so common. I have no choice and will never have cable in my rural area, but it is enormously frustrating. I run a large online business with 3 pc’s and a tablet. Don’t let Verizon tell you it is your pc….all of mine can’t be wrong. I have one that still runs XP, one on Vista and one on 7 so it is not the software.. JUNK is the answer.

  72. Lili

    Well People, I have the same problems with this mifi device and haven’t been getting any help from Verizon, i wanted to get out of the contractual agreement without having to pay an early termination fee but no such things. Their device is JUNK and they know it, I am certain. Class action could be the answer, if any of you is starting one, I am in.

  73. Travis

    I found a fix that works! The Mifi is power cycling every time it switches from 4G to 3g, so I simply changed the cellular settings to LTE only so it can’t switch to 3G and voila!

    1. Donna D.

      @ Travis, where exactly did you go to make this change? Your help is appreciated!

  74. […] Verizon MiFi Disconnects Constantly in WiFi Mode | – Update November 23, 2010: Updating the MiFi to firmware 7.3.11 appears to resolve these problems for me. The updater is currently available only for PCs, so Mac users …… […]

  75. Waleah

    Well the problem continues, that’s why I’m reading your comments: ( Gonna try some of your suggestions. Any news on class actions?

  76. Donna D.

    I finally upgraded. Tried new sim card, changed settings to only connect to 4g and not 3g, nothing worked. So very glad to have a stable connection now with a new device.

  77. SuzieQ

    I’m having the same problems–slow connectivity, booted off, AND lots of other things. I was looking thru to see if there was a class action lawsuit about this. Does anyone know of such a suit?

  78. Charles

    @Travis thanks for figuring that out! Your solution is working so far for me too. My network download speed more than tripled (from about 6 Mbps to 21.4 Mbps) after making that configuration change as well.

    For anyone else that wants to try it do this:

    1) power on the JetPack if it isn’t on already
    2) press right-arrow repeatedly until you reach the “Settings” menu
    3) press the “Settings”/checkmark button
    4) right-arrow (or left-arrow) your way to the “Network Technology” menu
    5) press “Select”
    6) right-arrow (or left-arrow) to the “LTE only” menu item
    7) press “Set”
    8) right-arrow down to the “Exit” menu item
    9) press “Select”
    10) re-establish your wireless connection to your JetPack if needed

  79. […] Verizon MiFi Disconnects Constantly in WiFi Mode | – Ive had the device for over a year, and have basically just suffered through the disconnects. My boyfriend and i were so excited to get this device(previously we had … […]

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