Annoture and Timeature Incompatible with Aperture 2.0

In my brief testing, Annoture and Timeature are not compatible with Aperture 2.0. For Timeature users, there is a new feature in Aperture 2.0 which allows you to adjust the timestamp of an imported image. Look for the Adjust Date and Time… menu item under the Metadata menu. There is currently no timetable for updating … Continue reading Annoture and Timeature Incompatible with Aperture 2.0

Aperture 2.0 Released

Speak of the devil! Just days after I write Aperture Caption to help users of Aperture 1.5.2 to quickly caption images, Apple announces Aperture 2.0. One of the 100 new features is Metadata entry shortcut, described below: Metadata entry shortcut When adding or modifying metadata entries, press Command-Right Arrow (or Command-Left Arrow) to advance to … Continue reading Aperture 2.0 Released

Aperture Caption AppleScript for Effortless Captioning

Update 2008-03-28: In conjunction with Aperture 2.1, Apple has released a free AppleScript-based app for captioning called Aperture Caption Palette. Check it out. I’ve been using Aperture as my primary RAW processor for quite some time now. One thing that has been bothering me and others is the lack of a keyboard shortcut to edit … Continue reading Aperture Caption AppleScript for Effortless Captioning

Annoture 1.0.2 Released

Happy New Year everyone! Annoture 1.0.2 has been released. This is a recommended update for all Annoture users. It has numerous bug fixes in the file comparison routines over the previous version of Annoture. In addition, the application will now notify users when a newer update is available. Users also have the option to compare … Continue reading Annoture 1.0.2 Released

Theory on Aperture Slowdown

Under the hood, Aperture stores information on an image in two places. The first is in a SQLite3 database, and the second is in an assortment of plist files. One would venture that this approach is used for data redundancy purposes and that the data is copied between the two methods on a frequent basis. … Continue reading Theory on Aperture Slowdown

Unable to open database error?

An Annoture user can’t run the application because the Aperture SQLite3 database can not be opened. He’s getting the error from the program and from the command line when manually trying to access the database. Unable to open database file Any Mac OS X and SQLite3 gurus know why this might be the case. This … Continue reading Unable to open database error?