A collection of shortcuts that I’ve written for iOS Shortcuts:

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iOS Applications

  • LaunchCuts: A powerful, customizable, and elegant launcher for shortcuts on iOS. Features folders, smart folders, sort, adjustable grid, keyboard shortcuts, custom actions, and more. Featured in MacStories, Automators, and Mobile Addict.

Shortcuts for iOS 13

  • ActionCuts: Embed shortcuts and action blocks within other shortcuts. Extract action blocks for re-use in the ActionCuts Library.
  • App Framework 2: A framework for developing application-like shortcuts on iOS 13.
  • Autocuts: Automatically run shortcuts in the background while you use your iOS device.
  • Auto DND: Automatically turn on Do Not Disturb based on calendar events using Autocuts.
  • Auto Low Power Mode: Automatically turn on Low Power Mode when your battery level falls below a certain percentage.
  • LimitKit: Event logging and rate-limiting system for Shortcuts.
  • Location Triggers: Automatically run shortcuts when you arrive and leave locations.
  • Shortcut Checksum: Calculates and verifies checksums for shortcuts.
  • Wi-Fi Triggers: Run shortcuts automatically when you connect and disconnect from Wi-Fi networks using Autocuts.

Shortcuts for iOS 12

The following shortcuts were developed for Shortcuts on iOS 12 and are not guaranteed to work on iOS 13. A number of them have replacements on iOS 13 and are noted below.

  • AlarmCuts: Record and manage ringtone/sounds for alarms that automatically trigger shortcuts
  • Cronios: Run your shortcuts on an automated schedule in the background. iOS 13 users should use Autocuts instead.
  • Framework: A framework for developing application-like shortcuts. Use version 1.0.1 for iOS 12.
  • GeoCuts: Run your shortcuts automatically based on your current location. iOS 13 users should use Location Triggers instead.
  • Inspector: View and modify objects at run-time in your shortcuts..
  • LaunchCuts: A powerful, customizable, and elegant launcher for your shortcuts on iOS. iOS 13 users should use the native LaunchCuts iOS app instead
  • NoteCuts: Automatic triggering of shortcuts via shared notes on Apple Notes, Dropbox, and Evernote. iOS 13 users should use Autocuts instead.
  • PromptKit: An advanced dialog engine for shortcuts and iOS.
  • Run Shortcut: A Notification Center launcher for your shortcuts. Works with NoteCuts.
  • Localization Helper: Help translate my shortcuts into your language.
  • WatchCuts: Trigger shortcuts on your iPad and iPhone from any iCloud-connected device.