A collection of shortcuts that I’ve written for iOS Shortcuts:

  • AlarmCuts: Record and manage ringtone/sounds for alarms that automatically trigger shortcuts
  • Cronios: Run your shortcuts on an automated schedule in the background.
  • Framework: A framework for developing application-like shortcuts.
  • GeoCuts: Run your shortcuts automatically based on your current location.
  • Inspector: View and modify objects at run-time in your shortcuts.
  • LaunchCuts: A powerful, customizable, and elegant launcher for your shortcuts on iOS.
  • NoteCuts: Automatic triggering of shortcuts via shared notes on Apple Notes, Dropbox, and Evernote.
  • PromptKit: An advanced dialog engine for shortcuts and iOS.
  • Run Shortcut: A Notification Center launcher for your shortcuts. Works with NoteCuts.
  • Localization Helper: Help translate my shortcuts into your language.
  • WatchCuts: Trigger shortcuts on your iPad and iPhone from any iCloud-connected device.