Tayne Kim

A week after my ultimate dislocation, I went to the house of little Tayne Kim, the newly born son of Dan and Woo-Young Kim, in Palo Alto. Joined by former colleagues and friends at DoDots, we celebrated the birth of this beautiful child with song, drink, and plenty of photos.

I first met Dan Kim as a freshman at Stanford University. He was the Art Editor for the Stanford Daily, the campus newspaper, and I was the wide-eyed first-year student interested in getting my art published for all the world (or campus) to see. I remember meeting Dan for the first time and thinking to myself, “Man, this is the tallest Asian I’ve ever seen before!”

Over the next year, Dan gave me a few art assignments for covers to the Stanford entertainment magazine, Intermission, and for the newspaper. I recall drawing a picture of President Clinton in an article about the troubles of his first year in office. Man, was that just a prelude to his problems! I also fondly recall working on the Haunt Haven cover for Intermission together with Dan. He helped me design the house on the pumpkin! Dan wasn’t the editor of the Daily the next year, or the year after that, or ever again for that matter. Accompanying his departure was my departure from doing any artwork for the organization. The other editors never got around to contacting me, and I was either too lazy, too busy, or not interested in working for them. But, I do remember that the money was good, good at least for a starving college student!

Dan and I took a class together during my sophomore year at Stanford, CS447/ME296, the Design Competition class, taught by two product design and computer science luminaries, David Kelly and Terry Winograd. Dan and I were on different interdisciplinary teams designing a product for the class. My group developed the cool and hip SportsScope, whereas Dan’s group designed this little gadget his team called a DoDot. Years later, that name was used for the company at which both Dan and I worked, DoDots. In fact, it was Dan himself who introduced me to that ill-fated startup in early 2000.

In the time after CS447/ME296 to when I saw Dan again at Printer’s Inc. Cafe with John and George Kembel, the founders of DoDots, in late 1999, much has occurred in Dan’s life. On February 10, 2001, I had the great opportunity to introduce myself to the newest addition to the Kim family, Tayne Kim! I went over to the Kim residence in Palo Alto and was joined by a number of my former colleagues at DoDots, including Geoff, Jeremy, John, Derek, Matt, and Pete. We had a wonderful time meeting Tayne and talking about the old company, my dislocated elbow, and about the future. Plus, we saw John Kembel and his wife, Sylvia, in the February or March 2001 issue of National Geographic, where they were featured in a sidebar article on an archaelogical project in which Sylvia worked.

I have this huge collection of old National Geographic issues lying all around my house in Mountain View right now. Whenever I want to be transported to a faraway place or learn more about the world, I pick up a National Geographic and start reading. It transports me to a wonderful world, one much larger than the one in which I live. Whenever I read those yellow bound magazines, I feel the urge to visit all of those places, see all the sights and sounds, and document them for the world to see. The world, in all its beauty, grandeur, and power, is wonderful, isn’t it?

Welcome to the world, Tayne Kim…

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