Ultimate Sunday… or, Tung, we miss you!

As Tung toils away on a computer screen thousands of miles away, his Ultimate Frisbee compatriots wage furious battle on the Ultimate playing field. We convened at our normal time of 10:00 am (10:30 am, if you’re on Asian time) at Las Palmas Park in Sunnyvale, the site of many games and numerous injuries.

The game was evenly matched between the dark shirts and the light shirts, and there was no one in sight with a gray shirt that could be mistaken for a teammate of the whites. While there aren’t any shots of the Ultimate Action, we were able to assemble for what I think was our first group photo. As the photographer, I wasn’t able to get into the pictures; next time, I’ll have to bring the tripod. There were no major injuries, though there was a close call when Gopal and Rob headbutted each other while going for the disc. Easy there, boys!

During a break in the match, we had to fend away some dastardly little kids (petits gamins, as I call them in French), who were attempting to run off with our cones. Fortunately, these little kids had their parents close to them, and promptly put back our cones so we could finish what we had begun. At the end of the match, I was beat and downright tired! After wearing sandals yesterday while at Stanford, I had blisters on the tops of my feet. After today, I have blisters on the bottom of my feet. I think that this is a sign that I need to get some new cleats and some moleskin for those blisters!

Following the game, the group moved from Sunnyvale to neighboring Mountain View, where we dined at one of my old haunts, Kim’s Restaurant, along Castro Street. Over pho, chow fun, and mango shakes, we dined and learned more about the ER lifestyle, CAT Scans, MRI technology than the normal person can take in, thanks to the wisdom and knowledge Gopal (he must still have been affected by that headbutt) and Dr. Mike.

As for Tung, I’m sure that he is having fun in Tokyo, Shinjuku Station, and Akihabara. Hey, Tung throw us the disc from Japan!

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