Melissa's Going Away Party

Melissa has been a trooper and a long-time Palm employee (by Palm’s standards, at least), trudging through the traffic between Morgan Hill and Santa Clara daily for over a year. She leaves Palm for a new job only two minutes away from her home. Commuting can be a bear, so I understand her rationale — three to four hours of commute daily would drive me insane!

Melissa’s last day happened to fall on the Friday before Memorial Day Weekend. As a result, the company’s halls resembled the main strip of a ghost town than a high tech company. There’s weren’t tumbleweeds tumbling in the wind, but there weren’t people either. Those who were left seemed to be thinking more about the holiday weekend’s events than work, myself included. One of the work-related things that was on our minds, however, was the going away party for Melissa at 2:30, to be held in Building 9’s Multi-Purpose Room next to our beloved Crossover Cafe Cafeteria.

Due to the aforementioned holiday weekend, there weren’t as many people attending the going away party as I had envisioned, but the major players were there, including other long-time Palm denizens, Bob Harvey, Debbie Bobby, and Marc Callendar. These three were all here during my first stint at Palm from 1998-1999, though I don’t remember recalling Marc from those days. Other people who attended included Morgan, Olaf B., Julie M., Jon A., Fermin S., Nigel C., Niraj B., Madison, Vicky V., and Chris S.

Bob gave a great speech about Melissa, interjecting his lively humor as we dug into the cake at the party. I gotta tell you, I think that Bob has a future in stand-up comedy. But, if he decides against pursuing another career change, I’llbe sure to write down all of his jokes so I can use them for myself in the future!

To Melissa. We wish you the very best in your new job. Thanks for all of the help you’ve given our group over the years. We’ll miss you!

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