Saturday Morning Dim Sum

I went to sleep around 2:00 am on Saturday morning, after getting back late from Dardy’s housewarming party in Palo Alto. We arranged to call each other at 9:00 am to see if we’d all like to go have dim sum at Koi Palace in Daly City. As usual, I woke up early on the weekend, around 7:30 am. I worked on the web site for the housewarming party until 9:00, when Eric called me to see if I would go.

At the end of the night, I wasn’t thinking that I would go, but in the morning, I had a change of heart. After all, Dardy said that he would happily drive to Daly City, obviating the need for me to drive. So, I told Eric that I’d call Dardy and head on over to his place. I packed up my camera equipment and my computer. I figured that on the 30 minute or so drive to Daly City, I could work on the web site. Dardy was conscious, thankfully, after his visit with the drinking demons last night. The drive up to Daly City was uneventful, though I did tell him to go on the wrong road when we neared our destination. I got a fair amount of work done on the web site, which was fortunate. These things do take a long time to produce… but the future ones will be better as I use more PHP and Javascript on my pages.

Being Recognized

Eric, Rita, and Amabelle were already at Koi Palace when we arrived. We were shuffling around looking for our spot to sit when I heard a voice from behind me say something like, “Adam Tow! So nice to meet you!” I turned around to see two people that I didn’t recognize anywhere in my memory banks. Who were these people, I was thinking to myself? The answer was quickly found, as Al and Olwen told me that they recognized my face from my web site. They were readers of my site!

This made my day. I couldn’t believe that someone out of the blue recognized me from my web site! Turns out Al found out about my site while doing a search for Palm programming information. He came across the personal section of my site and was intrigued. Apparently, he and his wife, Owen, are regular readers. They told me that my adventures and stories gave them inspiration to branch off and do things outside of the Silicon Valley cubicle life. This was very rewarding to hear, and I am glad that there are people around the world who enjoy reading my stories and adventures.

As Eric, Amabelle, Rita, and Dardy filed by, I asked them, “Do you recognize these people?” Al and Olwen nodded their heads, saying, “Yeah, we read about them from your web site! This was soooo cool to hear.

Devouring Food

I think it was Dardy who mentioned that watching people eat is pretty disgusting. Well, it is, especially if you have proof of the digusting digestive deeds! Here are a couple of pictures that I took of Bill, Eric, and me eating various dim sum dishes. Well, at least the food was good, if the pictures of us eating were not!

Rita mentioned that whenever her family goes out to dim sum, they order the exact same thing everytime. That’s the same with my family! I’m pretty particular about what I eat for dim sum; it’s almost always the same, never straying too far from the norm of sui mai’s ha gao’s, cha siu bao’s, and bbq rice noodles to name a few. There were little octopi that I thankfully did not eat. Eric speared one of them on his chopstick, providing a humorous photographic moment to the lunch.

As for Dardy? He was trying to hold what little food he ate in his stomach. Apparently, he drank just a wee bit too much last night, pushing him over the edge for much coherent talk this morning!

Random People

There were a lot of people eating at Koi Palace; it’s certainly a happening place on the weekends. Going to dim sum reminded me of the times when my family went to Emerald or Jasmine Restaurant on Convoy Street in San Diego. Long lines, steaming plates, and happy faces abounded in those restaurants and they were present today at Koi Palace.

Our waiter was very helpful today, working with our poor knowledge of Chinese dessert names to find the dish that Amabelle craved for. I don’t know the phonetic spelling of the dish, but it ended up being, “Lai Wan Beng,” what she was looking for. We ordered three dishes for the six of us, devouring the sweet dessert in minutes. It was a cross between a mochi ice cream ball and a Lai Wan Bao. Yummy!

There were a number of cute kids and babies at the restaurant, as there always are.

Fixing Glasses and Checking DV Cameras

After Dardy dropped me off at his apartment, I drove down to happening Palo Alto to the Site for Sore Eyes shop. I gave them my busted up glasses and asked if they could replace the rubber grommets. They told me that it would take about 30 minutes, so I left the shop and went over to the Borders bookstore next door. Without my glasses, I’m pretty blind, so I spent most of the time with the books and magazines pushed up to my face!

The thirty minutes passed by really quickly, and before I knew it, I was sighted again! They even cleaned my dirty lenses for me. Thanks! I drove down to California Avenue in Palo Alto to stop by the Keeble and Shucat Photography store. I wanted to take a look at the Canon GL-1 and the Sony DCR-VX2000 DV cameras; I didn’t know that the GL-1 was so small compared to the VX2000! After asking a few questions to Fred, the salesperson, I left the store empty-handed. This was strictly a window shopping, reconnaissance mission. The actual mission? TBD!

Now, it’s 17:05 and time to prepare to go to Vienna Teng’s concert at Eric’s place in the City. I’m off to pick up Dardy and another person from Stanford. Watch for a recap of that event in the next day or so!

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