i705 Launch Party

The Palm i705 Handheld was released today. It was an arduous climb to the summit, but the product is finally out the door. Of course, I froze to death along the way, but left enough of my climbing equipment available for the rest of the team to make it to the top. Congrats team!

On a side note, it must have been very, very cold last night, because there was snow atop Skyline! I took a picture in the early morning where you can easily see snow in the background! For a Southern Californian who doesn’t go to many snowy places, that was cool!

Palm held a party in celebration of the i705 launch today in the Crossover Cafe (Palm’s name for its cafeteria). I was able to make it into the festivities, though I won’t mention who let me into the building. I have to keep my sources confidential after all!

I saw a lot of familiar faces this afternoon, though there were enough new faces to remind me that things have changed in the months that I’ve been gone. Everyone seemed to be wearing their happy faces, though, so that’s a good sign; I guess the makeshift martini bars and free alcohol had something to do with that too. I ran into former co-workers, and we all congratulated each other on finally making it. Launching a product is a significant milestone in a product’s complete lifecycle. My colleagues are now entering the much dreaded (and sometimes boring) sustaining support cycle. Ugh… I never liked that part of the job.

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