Goodbye D30, Livia Performance

It’s been a fun ride with the D30 since I bought it at the end of October, 2000. Since receiving the EOS-1D in December, I have found that the D30 was gathering more dust than being used. So, I decided to sell the camera to Eric’s friend, Luke, on Thursday. I bet that Luke is looking forward to taking pictures with the camera. In time, it will call him, “Masssster!”

So now I’m down to two cameras, the 1D and the Leica M2. I guess I could throw in the Kodak PalmPix, but I’ve come to see that more as a gimmick than a camera.

After dropping off the camera to Luke in San Mateo, Rae and I drove up to San Francisco along Highway 280. Man, did you see the rain and fog coming down in the afternoon?!? We could barely see 10 feet ahead of us! Fortunately, most of the people on the road were driving cautiously, though there were a few crazies who insisted on speeding at 70mph with very little visibility. Turn on those lights when you’re driving in the rain and fog, please!

We went to an art exhibit in Japantown before having dinner in one of the numerous Japanese restaurants in a nearby mall. I think that I would love going on an all-sushi diet for a couple of weeks. Sushi is just soooo yummy, yummy for my tummy!

Livia Sohn and Dmitri Cogan were performing Rosza Concerto at Eric’s last night. That was quite a violin performance, I have to say. The speed and notes that Livia was running through boggled my mind. At times, it sounded like there were two violins playing!

As is becoming typical at performances at Eric’s, I ran into a number of people whom I haven’t seen either (1) in a long time or (2) at Eric’s last event: Jen, Melanie, Justin, Oliver, Elliot, Mandy, Emile, Josh, Wendy and more! It was great talking with Jen, who’s about to come out with her first CD. Vienna watch out, another fan club web site is coming to! It’s great to see our artist and musician friends producing real product. As I said before in my previous entry, I’m struggling to find that sweet spot for my passion in photography and digital media. For musicians, it’s easier on the outside — just make a CD. But, as Jen was pointing out to me, sometimes it’s just as difficult to find out what passion to follow when you have sooo many interests. I’m discovering that a number of us are in this same head space. “Where are we today and where do we want to go tomorrow?” Hmm… that sounds like something I said in a speech at Stanford years ago!

The drive back from San Francisco was a piece of cake. Jen told me not to speed back down to the South Bay, to which I said, “Of course!” On the way down, Rae and I saw this Lexus GS400 get pulled over by this cop for speeding and reckless driving. People tend to do one of two things when a car comes speeding up from behind: (1) slow down to piss them off or (2) move to the other lane. This Lexus chose option (1). He chose poorly.

We stopped by Randy’s place to drop off my video camera that he and Pok are going to borrow for a film they’re finishing up at Stanford this weekend. We said hello to Clint and Phyllis, who just returned from two weeks in Bali. Believe me, they told Randy, “Two weeks is not enough.” It rarely ever is. Work, work, work, work, work and get what each year? Two weeks. Sorry, I don’t do that.

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