Would you like the Lord of the Rings with your dinner?

I had dinner with Randy, Renny, Alf, and Joon-Mo this evening at the Southland Taste Restaurant, located at 10825 N. Wolfe Road in Cupertino. This restaurant’s claim to fame is that it serves authentic Taiwanese food. I’m not Taiwanese, so I wouldn’t know if it was authentic or not, but Alf assured us that this was the case.

He recently returned from Taiwan, where he related to us some interesting stories about massage parlors and comfort hotels. “Uh, my Mandarin is a little rusty, what were those last two items again?” Those Taiwanese… so clever in their capitalism!

Alf is looking to get his dad a digital camera, and I was telling him that either the Canon PowerShot G2 or the S40 would be a fine decision. We messed around with the EOS-1D’s 8 frames per second shooting speed. Click on the link below to see a short GIF animation of the 1D in action over a two second time frame.

By the way, the latest cover of Time, the one with the two Canadian skaters, Sale and Pelletier, was shot using an EOS-1D. Cool! Some of the photographs from the Olympics on MSNBC’s web site are unreal. Check them out when you get the chance.

Over duck, lamb, chicken, and vegetable A, we talked about the latest happenings in the movie scene. I urged Randy to watch Collateral Damage with me, but he steadfastly refused to do so. “Come on,” I told them, “pretend like it was 10 years ago when Arnold was big!” Unfortunately for me, they didn’t want to take a theatrical trip down memory lane to relive some of Arnold’s glory days.

Fortunately for us, we had something better, a screening copy of The Lord of the Rings on a S-VCD. One tape to rule them all and in the darkness bind them! We only watched the first 30 minutes of the movie, however, before we stopped it to head back home. LoTR clocks in at over three hours, which is just a wee bit too long for us old men these days.

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