Today, I upgraded my bioware to version 5.1 with the installation of my new orthotic inserts. Now, I can run and walk faster, longer, and harder than ever before! Steve Austin, watch out! I’m gunning for your bionic man mantle!

It will probably take a week to get used to the inserts, but I can already feel a difference. My gait is different now as I’m not walking like a duck anymore. I’ve also noticed that I stand about a half an inch taller with the inserts. Why yes, not only do these orthotics make me taller, faster, and stronger, they give me a confidence that I haven’t felt in years! Oh yes, sign me up for your orthotic infomercial now!

Umm… err… uh… okay. With the orthotics, I’m using different muscles in my feet and legs. Because of that, I probably won’t start my heavy exercise regimen until after I get used to wearing them.

Camera Talk

My EOS-1D came back from Canon’s Factory Service Center in New Jersey. Banding looks like it’s a thing of the past. Whatever they did to the shutter mechanism and who knows what else seems to have changed the camera for the better. We’ll see how well it performs over the next few days, but my first impression is a good one!

I’ve been experimenting with shooting both RAW and JPEG files. RAW files basically give you a digital negative. You can adjust the white balance, the tone curve, sharpness settings, and much more after the fact with a RAW file. When you shoot JPEGs, the image is recorded with whatever settings the camera was on at the time of shooting. White balance, curves adjustments, etc. are done in PS, which can degrade image quality.

I’ve gone back to some old photographs of mine that I was fortunate to have shot RAW, and I’m stunned by what I’m able to do to them. Some images that were good have now become great. Very cool! The only drawback to shooting RAW is it takes about three times the storage space of JPEGs. It might be worth it in the long run, though!

I’ve also redesigned my online portfolio. It’s now separated into categories like Photojournalism, Places, and Portraits, featuring a selection of my best work. Check it out when you get the chance.


In other news, my Enron Paper Shredder humor page has been picked up on the newswire! Craig Wilson of USA Today writes in an article entitled, Shredder popularity grows in age of privacy concerns:

Shredders are even being auctioned off on eBay. A Tech Solutions TS-3 Strip-Cut Paper Shredder started out last week with a bid of only $4.99. Its sales pitch? “Great for any Enron cover-up.”

Tow.com (www.tow.com) is going one better, jokingly offering up the Enron paper shredder — “from the folks who brought you energy and took away your 401(k).”

Since this was a newswire article, it’s been picked up by a number of newspapers around the country. Cool!

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