Stanford, Dardy, Pictopia, and IKEA

On Tuesday, I went to Stanford to check out rooms for the next COBA meeting. The new Alumni Center is pretty amazing, I have to say. It’s sooo much bigger and better than Bowman Alumni House ever was! The Bing Library in the Business Center wasn’t well stocked with books. The lady who worked there told me that since I contributed to a book, I could bring it by for inclusion in the library. Cool!

The picture that graces the top of this entry belongs to one of the conference rooms at the Alumni Center. As you can see, it has this cool one-way mirror which is used during focus groups. I couldn’t help but think back to the scene from True Lies where Arnold Schwarzenegger and Tom Arnold are interrogating Jamie Lee Curtis. Classic!

There’s also a grand piano in the lounge area at the center. We have to organize a mini-concert by Vienna there!

On Wednesday, Dardy came by my place to drop off the CD Burner that I had loaned to him. We talked about the upcoming Star Wars movie, Attack of the Clones. Most of the information about the movie I’ve gleaned from watching the trailers. I’m trying not to interpret what I’m seeing, but I cannot help it! It is unavoidable. It is my destiny to speculate on the film! That being said, I do think I have a good feel for the movie — who are the good guys and bad guys, who lives and who dies, etc. Everything will be revealed in a month and a half. Almost there… almost there.

Thursday, I drove up to Emeryville with my sister to pick up my portfolio prints from Pictopia. The company prints images on Fuji Crystal Archive Paper using a Lightjet printer. This combination produced some stunning 8×12 prints from my portfolio. For day to day work, I’ll continue to use my Epson 1280 at home, but anything that I sell will probably go through Pictopia. Some of the photos did have a yellow tint to them. This means I’ve yet to reach that monitor calibration nirvana where what you see is truly what you get. I’ll wait until Photoshop 7 arrives before I get anal about fixing this.

I went to IKEA for the first time today. They really do funnel customers through the entire store in one direction! We bought a pair of popsicle makers for only $0.95! I’d buy that for a dollar! It was funny seeing us buy two dollars’ worth of popsicle makers while others were purchasing cartloads of furniture and home appliances totalling hundreds if not thousands of dollars!

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